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AMBS to dedicate solar panel array April 20

Written By: Annette Brill Bergstresser, AMBS  
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Photo: Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary has installed a solar array—the largest in the city of Elkhart—on its Elkhart, Indiana, campus as part of a broader commitment to creation care efforts. (AMBS photo) Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) will dedicate an array of 180 330-watt solar panels on Thursday, April 20, 4:30–5 p.m. on the south side […]




Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

4.21.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 84 Times read

David and Leann Augsburger are two semi-retired people who co-lead a home base church (Peace Mennonite Church, Claremont, California) and volunteer to welcome, care, and connect people in the San Gabriel valley.  1. “Prayer isn’t something we do; it is something God does.” We are talking about this line from the two articles in The Christian […]


What Holy Week teaches us-again

4.18.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 76 Times read

Rachel S. Gerber is denominational minister of Christian Formation for Mennonite Church USA. This post originally appeared on the Menno Snapshots blog of Mennonite Church USA.  As a pastor, the story of Holy Week always poses a variety of challenges, like a parent dressing up leftovers to feed the family dinner, again. Turkey meatballs! Turkey […]


Agonizing in the unknown

4.15.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 340 Times read

Driving an hour north to a cancer hospital to conclude if I had cancer or not was agonizing. From the moment I had discovered a mass on the back of one of my legs, I had been troubled. A month had gone by with different types of blood work, x-rays, an MRI and finally, here […]


The Faith of Good Friday

4.14.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 297 Times read

Read Psalm 22. As we march onward toward the death of Jesus, I am struck by Peter’s arrogance in his response to Jesus’ prediction that Peter will abandon him. He said, “Even though I must die with you, I will not deny you” (Mt 26:35). He makes a bold proclamation of faith with what seems […]


Rediscovering why we choose to be Anabaptist

4.13.2017 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 67 Times read

The Future Church Summit (FCS) will take place July 6-8, at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. It will be a generative, open space for denomination-wide conversation — to dream together, reset priorities and engage one another in answering the question: How will we follow Jesus as Anabaptists in the 21st century?  Chantelle Todman […]


A note to pastors regarding sexual abuse

4.12.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 973 Times read

To pastors,  Abuse is a crime and a sin. Teaching healthy sexuality is an ongoing challenge for Mennonites. I was asked to co-teach a class for youth and realized how easy it would have been to avoid the lessons on this topic. To their credit, our youth were light-years ahead of us pastors and embraced […]


Social activism: Should we act in civil disobedience?

4.12.2017 Posted By: Glen Guyton 88 Times read

Glen Guyton is chief operating officer for Mennonite Church USA. This post originally appeared on the Youth Specialties blog.  Yes! I believe that as Christians we should engage our world. We are called to engage, but that can mean different things to different people. Jesus clearly pushed the limits when dealing with the institutional church […]


Invited to the table

4.12.2017 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 77 Times read

Tonya Ramer Wenger is Magdalena, Micah, Reuben and Joanna’s mom, Jonathan’s wife, and currently serves as lead pastor at First Mennonite Church in Hutchinson Kansas. Walking, knitting, baking bread, singing with a seasonal community choir and reading books to Joanna are all things that fill her non-working time. If you are looking for some bedtime […]


April recipe: Three Layer Parsnip Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

4.11.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 89 Times read

The Hungry Hounds is the food blog of Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast, Country Representatives for Mennonite Central Committee in Haiti.  Learn more about MCC Haiti at their new blog: With Easter on the horizon we wanted an extraordinary cake for the occasion, one with a funky twist, moist flavor and sumptuous icing. Three Layer […]


Lent reflection: Setting things right

4.11.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 113 Times read

“Take a good look at my servant…. He won’t brush aside the bruised and the hurt and he won’t disregard the small and insignificant, but he’ll steadily and firmly set things right. He won’t tire out and quit. He won’t be stopped until he’s finished his work–to set things right on earth.” – Isaiah 42:1, […]


Lent Reflection: My declaration in your ears

4.7.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 368 Times read

Scripture: Job 13:13-19 “Let my declaration be in your ears,” Job says. “Who is there that will contend with me?” (13:17, 19). The question hangs in the air unanswered. That’s how it feels today, this month, this year as the president proposes a 50 billion dollar increase in military spending to build up his war […]


Lent reflection: Good direction and great strength

4.5.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 189 Times read

In my life, I have had no personal enemies. No one, to use the classical definition, has tried to kill me. Of course, there have been those who have not liked me very much. In fifth grade, Peter Detweiler (his name and those below have been changed) threw me to the ground because I had […]


Lent reflection: Did I not say, do not mislead me!

4.4.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 408 Times read

Scripture passage: II Kings 4:18-37.  I wasn’t particularly eager to become a mother. Ambivalent would be an apt description. But nothing else I’ve done has so radically transformed me—body, mind and spirit. Right after being a follower of Jesus, mothering and grand-mothering are my favorite identities. Hands-down. Which is why the Shunammite woman’s story, among […]


For the sake of the children

4.3.2017 Posted By: Jessica Schrock Ringenberg 1,496 read

“We were born for this!” In the height of an emotionally powerful song, in the midst of a worship service, the worship leader with his deep caramel-smooth voice declared, with arms in the air, “We were born for this!” I had heard him say this before, but in this particular moment it caught my attention […]


Lent reflection: Can these dry bones live?

4.2.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 193 Times read

Reflections on Ezekiel 37:1-14. Observing and experiencing life our spirits often repeat the prophetic question, “Can these dry bones live?” We are the Body of Christ, the chosen people of God. Yet in the midst of living through burdens, challenges, illnesses and unexpected chaos we sometimes lose our faith focus. We ask ourselves and one another, […]


The Future Church Summit: Encountering God in the unexpected

4.1.2017 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 95 Times read

Iris de León-Hartshorn is director of Transformational Peacemaking for Mennonite Church USA. The Future Church Summit (FCS) will take place July 6-8, at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. This post originally ran on the Menno Snapshots blog of Mennonite Church USA. “…explore the moral imagination as the capacity to imagine something rooted in the […]


Lent reflection: The waiting game

4.1.2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 81 Times read

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.      Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive     to the voice of my supplications! If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities,     Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with you,     so that you may be revered. I wait for […]



4.17.2017 Written By: Claire Clay 427 Times read

Social media and conflict: Eradicating online drama through compassion and peacemaking

Claire Clay is a junior public relations major from Van Wert, Ohio. She is studying at Bluffton (Ohio) University where she works in the public relations office on campus. Clay’s speech topic came from her work at Bluffton in conjunction with her internship under the director of communications in Congressman Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) office during […]

4.12.2017 Written By: Anna Groff 277 Times read

Child abuse prevention starts with your church

For many of us, church feels good and safe. We were loved there as children and respected there as adults. In fact, we often describe our churches as “families” or caring communities where all are accepted. We trust one another and we feel confident that others want the best for us and our families. But […]

4.11.2017 Written By: Rafael Barahona 305 Times read

My top 10 songs: Rafael Barahona

Rafael Barahona is the owner of R3 Design in Goshen, Indiana. He is a creative consultant with years of professional experience in design and marketing. He attends Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship in Goshen with his family.  I imagine that selecting one’s 10 all-time favorite songs seems like an impossible task for most. I feel the same […]

4.7.2017 Written By: Katie Hurst, The Mennonite 269 Times read

First Collaborative MBA cohorts off and running

Photo: The first Collaborative MBA cohort meets at Bluffton (Ohio) University and converses with speakers via Zoom video conferencing. Bluffton University photo.  Missy Kauffman Schrock always knew she wanted a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Having worked business-related jobs on the side through high school and college, Schrock switched gears and got her undergraduate degree […]

3.31.2017 Written By: Jason Moyer 1,230 read

Race and a traffic stop in Franconia

On our way to Penn View Christian School in Souderton, Pennsylvania, for a normal day of middle school, my brother Jonathan and I sit in the back of my family’s tan ‘70s Chevrolet Chevette. We drive past the normal landmarks in our Mennonite-saturated community. Salford Mennonite Church, Franconia Mennonite Church, Indian Creek Mennonite Church, the […]

3.9.2017 Written By: Ben Goossen 4,723 Times read

Mennonite privilege

Ben Goossen is a scholar of global history at Harvard University. He is the author of Chosen Nation: Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era, forthcoming in May from Princeton University Press. This article is excerpted from a sermon he gave at Southern Hills Mennonite Church, Topeka, Kansas.  This piece originally appeared in the February issue […]


4.19.2017 Written By: Aldo Siahaan 59 Times read

The loss of a loved one

As we celebrate Easter, I am thinking of lost loved ones. Before Christ was risen, he first had to die. Anyone would be sad to lose a loved one, especially when faced with the reality that we will not see our loved ones on this earth again as they leave us to appear before the Creator. […]

4.13.2017 Written By: Allie Shoup 117 Times read

Better Together

In the summer of 2015 I attended the Mennonite Church USA Convention as a youth sponsor for Bethel College Mennonite Church in North Newton, Kansas. I was spending my summer under the loving and guiding hand of Heidi Regier Kreider as a Ministry Inquiry Program intern, where I was given the opportunity to learn by […]

4.1.2017 Written By: Stephen Kriss 139 Times read

Living God’s great Shalom

Stephen Kriss is Executive Conference Minister of Franconia Mennonite Conference. Here he reflects on his experience at the recent Constituency Leaders Council meeting in Elkhart, Indiana. This piece originally ran in the March 16 edition of Intersectings. In our commitments for credentialing as pastors within Franconia Conference we agree to giving and receiving counsel.  This week […]

3.27.2017 Written By: Felipe Hinojosa 247 Times read

Black, Brown, and Mennonite: Lessons from the Chicana/o, Puerto Rican, and Black Freedom Struggles for the Mennonite Church

We invite you to join us for a series of discussions and lectures on the legacy of the Minority Ministries Council of the Mennonite Church March 30-April 1 at the Greencroft Community Center in Goshen, Indiana. Who were the Minority Ministries Council and why does their work matter? Between 1968 and 1973, the Minority Ministries […]

3.15.2017 Written By: Kathy Neufeld Dunn 130 Times read

The Practice of Descent

Kathy Neufeld Dunn is Associate Conference Minister in Kansas for Western District Conference. This piece originally appeared in the WDC Sprouts newsletter.  Lent—forty days of prayer and practice. Lent is a season of the Christian Year when we openly admit our human frailty and sinfulness. Some of our congregations who rarely practice confession take time […]

2.20.2017 Written By: Stephanie Krehbiel and Jennifer (Jay) Yoder, Into Account 1,061 read

Advice for congregations and institutions responding to reports of abuse

This advice is drawn from a Feb. 14 phone interview with Hannah Heinzekehr. Dr. Stephanie Krehbiel and Jennifer (Jay) Yoder formed the nonprofit organization Into Account in Fall 2015. Pooling their collective expertise, Krehbiel and Yoder offer free services to survivors of abuse looking for accountability in Christian contexts as well as paid services for […]