Church salad
A reflection on Romans 14:1-11 and 15:1-7
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KC2015: The Emmaus Road journey
Once we were dreamers, but now cold water has been splashed in our faces.
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Students help rebuild in Nebraska
Despite tornado, Pilger is still "the little town too tough to die."
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Turning Toward Peace program redirects war taxes

Written By: Ed Nyce of MCC  
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Young people who have chosen to resist inscription into the Israeli army get support through counselors from MCC’s partner, New Profile. No one is named for their protection. (Photo courtesy of New Profile) Peacemakers in the United States seeking to channel their income-tax money away from war can support peacemakers in Israel—young adults whose consciences […]




LGBTQ: The middle’s turn to speak

3.17.2015 Posted By: Jessica Schrock Ringenberg 1895 Times read
What color is this dress? from February 26, 2015

In the last couple of weeks I have been noticing a new pattern—the middle is finally beginning to speak. Last weekend was Ohio Conference’s Annual Conference Assembly in Holmes County, Co. I was one of six Ohio Conference pastors invited to preach and this is what I said: I have to tell you the truth. […]


I want to commit my life to Christ

3.2.2015 Posted By: Byron Pellecer 371 Times read

Led by the Spirit of Christ and according to our plan, my wife and I were aiming to become friends and rub shoulders with the Latino-Hispanic community of our city. “I want to commit my life to Christ,” were loud and joyful words of José. I looked around and asked, “Is there anyone else that […]



3.27.2015 Written By: Levi Miller

The liberal litany

Tolerance and innovation are given greater priority than tradition and Scripture. During my adult life in the Mennonite church I have heard a litany of contentious issues: prayer coverings and plain coats, restrictions against radios and TV, divorce and remarriage, women pastors and nonresistance to justice. You can add your own variations to this litany […]

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3.27.2015 Written By: Betsy Headrick McCrae

Church salad: A reflection on Romans 14:1-11 and 15:1-7

Here in the United States we talk about being a melting pot; that’s our national myth. We come from all over the world, but as we become U.S. citizens we become culturally the same, or so the legend goes. In Canada they use a different image. We come from all over, they say, but we […]

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3.27.2015 Written By: Byron Pellecer

KC2015: The ‘via Christi’

These is the third of four Bible studies by different authors on the key Scripture text for Menno­nite Church USA’s next biennial convention, to be held June 30–July 5 in Kansas City, Mo.  “On the way/En el camino” is the convention theme, and the Scripture text is Luke 24. See Luke wants his readers to […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Stephen Penner

KC2015: The Emmaus Road journey

This is the second of four Bible studies by different authors on the key Scripture text for Menno­nite Church USA’s next biennial convention, to be held June 30–July 5 in Kansas City, Mo. “On the way/En el camino” is the convention theme, and the Scripture text is Luke 24. See Cleopas and his friend, […]

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3.27.2015 Written By: Shannon Dycus

Easter reflection: What story are we telling?

About this time of year, you can usually find me welcoming a spirit of prayerfulness, darkness, confession—even humming a line of “Were You There?” This year, however, I am struggling with my journey to the cross. This season—in which I look to a time of self-reflection and recognizing the places within and around me that […]
3.2.2015 Written By: David Brubaker

Shared identity and shared purpose

Two essentials for a healthy organization Every congregation and organization I’ve consulted with or been part of the last 30 years included individuals and groups with widely differing perspectives on important issues. Much like in the natural world, a diversity of perspectives appears to be the default setting in our social systems. But while the […]


3.27.2015 Written By: Gordon Houser

Religion and the Bible on TV

Every year around Easter, we find old Jesus films on TV, from The Greatest Story Ever Told to Jesus of Nazareth to The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Increasingly, shows with religious themes are showing up on TV. In March, CNN is in the midst of a six-part series called “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery,” […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Matthew Shedden

Would you like to remember your baptism?

It’s an awkward question because most of us do remember ours. At 16 I walked before the First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, Ill., with my twin brother and a friend to be baptized. We confessed our faith, responded to the pastor and received our baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit. Being […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Glen Guyton

Peace! Be still!

Social media has expanded the reach and power of these informal power brokers. No longer is it the pen that is mightier than the sword; the keyboard wields power. More and more the online network is setting the tone, even in Mennonite Church USA. Our online words have gravitas. And in this Twitter/Facebook/Wikipedia-driven world, we […]

3.27.2015 Written By: John D. Roth

A victory for COs in Colombia

On March 16, 2013, Jhonatan David Vargas Becerra was detained by military officials and forcibly conscripted into the 28th Battalion of the Colombian National Army in Puerto Carreño. As a follower of Jesus, Becerra had come to the conviction that he could not participate in the violence that was tearing his country apart. So he […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Isaac Villegas

The kin-dom of mi abuelita

The Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food. … This is the Lord for whom we have waited; let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.—Isaiah 25:6, 9 When the prophet talks about life with God, he describes a table with delicious food. Salvation is a meal, an […]

3.19.2015 Written By: Sue Park-Hur

Race in the parking lot

This piece originally appeared on the Menno Snapshots blog of Mennonite Church USA. The story I’m about to share is about racism, and it’s complicated. It’s going to be long. And let me warn you, I’m angry. But oddly, anger sometimes gives me the energy to unleash the frustrations that have been in me with […]