Final day of MWC
Mennonite World Conference PA 2015 to conclude at local churches tomorrow.
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Europe music theme for Friday
Wieteke van der Molen addresses MWC on Friday night.
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First World Cup at MWC
Players ages range from 6 to 72.
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Mystery and mission in France

Written By: Lynda Hollinger-Janzen of Mennonite Mission Network  
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Photo: Linda Oyer, with Mennonite Mission Network in Paris, speaks at a women’s leadership conference. Linda Oyer describes her 27th year of ministry in France with Mennonite Mission Network as a mystery. Oyer planted, like seeds scattered on the ground, the concepts of God’s realm in many different teaching contexts. She uses the verses found in […]




Polarities vs. Whispers of the Spirit

7.25.2015 Posted By: Byron Pellecer 131 Times read

For the most part, today’s society is more sophisticated and with more access to education than before, at least for the main stream of society. Even within Christian circles, faith is discussed and experienced in many ways; and the sad part of it is that these discussions and experiences are based in things that we […]


Membership and the Mr. Potato Head Church

7.10.2015 Posted By: Jessica Schrock Ringenberg 1204 Times read

I was the kid who could never take care of my toys. Lost or broken moments after receiving them, my toys never stood a chance. I did not intentionally destroy my toys, it just kind of happened. That is probably why I never got a Mr. Potato head even though I wanted one so badly. […]


#WeAreMenno: Just like Captain America

7.10.2015 Posted By: 280 Times read
Mwwgura Sara

“But do you think Jesus is still dead?” I asked the three, four, and five-year-olds in my Sunday school class after telling the story of Jesus’ death. “No” was the resounding answer. “No, he’s here in our hearts!” proclaimed one little boy who had clearly been hearing this story for quite some time. Yes, I […]


The cost of passive aggression: Being right, (non)violent communication and discipleship

7.8.2015 Posted By: Malinda Elizabeth Berry 1367 Times read

Earlier this week I posted an introduction to a blog series I’m writing for The Mennonite, so if you haven’t read that, let me offer a quick recap of what is motivating me to enter the Menno blogosphere at this particular moment. In the wake of the delegate assembly at Kansas City 2015 I am […]


“Hey, denomination, can I bend your ear for a tick?” Part 1

7.6.2015 Posted By: Malinda Elizabeth Berry 2764 Times read
Two Women with Contrasting Dress, Mennonite World Conference, 1967

Last year, Anna Groff asked me to join the team of bloggers for The Mennonite, and I said yes. I even had a plan for what I was going to write about: reflections on a series of Christian practices that the 21st-century Church can do to be relevant to the world and deepen the spirituality […]


July recipe: Grilled vegetable soba noodles with rosemary garlic sauce

7.5.2015 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds 463 Times read
HH recipe_IMG_8458

Cooking delicious food for guests with dietary preferences calls for creative use of the season’s bounty. Our goal for a weeknight dinner with friends was a vegetarian, gluten-free main dish, using seasonal vegetables, ready in 30 minutes. After a visit to our local famers’ market, we set to work creating a vegetable based pasta dish […]


Re-making the good life in New Mexico

7.2.2015 Posted By: 437 Times read

Todd Wynward is an author, small-scale farmer, wilderness educator and Mennonite minister for watershed discipleship affiliated with Albuquerque Mennonite Church. He has been engaged in education reform and social change movements for twenty years, and has spent more than a thousand nights outdoors. He and his wife Peg founded a wilderness-based public charter school in […]



20121102-palestine-0708 slide
7.11.2015 Written By: Ryan Rodrick Beiler 1597 Times read

6 Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers respond to delayed action

Photo: Palestinian Christians lift their hands in prayer during a weekly service held as a nonviolent witness against the Israeli separation barrier in the West Bank town of Beit Jala, November 2, 2012. Photos by Ryan Rodrick Beiler Last week, delegates at the Mennonite convention in Kansas City voted to delay action on a Palestine-Israel resolution that […]

Houser Hamm Marilyn1.
6.25.2015 Written By: Marilyn Houser Hamm 429 Times read

Marilyn Houser Hamm offers song for MWC

The days that are before us, and the days of the coming Mennonite World Assembly, are perhaps like none other. What it means to be the church, what it means to be an Anabaptist faith community in our world is before us. Who we are corporately, and how we are as a discerning people lies […]

lee roy 050615 and dan Mar 17 IMG_1795-700x420
6.23.2015 Written By: Dan Shenk 285 Times read

Goshen repents of being a ‘sundown town’

The author (left) and Lee Roy Berry Jr. after the resolution passed. Photo by Richar Aguirre. On March 17, the Goshen (Ind.) City Council voted 6–0 to pass “A Resolution Acknowledging the Racially Exclusionary Past of Goshen, Indiana, as a ‘Sundown Town.’ ” The Goshen council thereby may have become the first elected body of […]

the-good-samaritan-after-delacroix-1890-Vincent van Gogh-1920x840
6.23.2015 Written By: Titus Peachey 374 Times read

Fire from heaven

A reflection on Luke 9:51-56 In this text, two of Jesus’ most beloved disciples are ready to engage in what we may describe as an act of terror by calling down fire on their social enemies, the Samaritans. And the disciples are explicit … they intend this holy fire from heaven to destroy the Samaritans. […]

6.23.2015 Written By: Isaac S. Villegas 807 Times read

Drones are demons

Just as the early church called for prayer against demons, we are called to pray against drones. In February, The Guardian reported that a U.S. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a weaponized drone, killed Mohammed Tuaiman, a 13-year-old boy in Yemen. When Mohammed’s brother Maqded arrived at the scene of attack, he was horrified: “I saw all […]

6.23.2015 Written By: Cindy Voth 344 Times read

Listen to God and each other

The Jerusalem Council models reconciliation in church conflicts In Acts 15, we read of a transformative experience called the Jerusalem Council, where some ethnocentric Jewish believers who follow Jesus insist that Gentile believers must also abide by Jewish cultural laws, such as circumcision and observing the food purity laws, if they want to follow Jesus. […]


7.28.2015 Written By: Gordon Houser 220 Times read

The power of Listening for Grace

After sitting in the delegate sessions much of the week of Kansas City 2015, I attended Ted and Co. Theater Works’ production of Listening for Grace late Saturday night (July 4). It was one of the highlights of the convention for me. The play is about Daryl, who is grieving the death of his wife, […]

7.28.2015 Written By: Ervin Stutzman 293 Times read

Discerning God’s will together

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.—Romans 12:2–3 TNIV It’s a daring thing to say that we know God’s will. Yet the delegates at the June […]

7.28.2015 Written By: Isaac Villegas 3992 Times read

A Letter to Theda Good

Querida Theda, That July evening, a few hours before our Mennonite assembly began, as we worshiped God together in Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, when you took your place at the Lord’s Table with Christ’s broken body in your hands, as I stood in front of you with my open hands, you glanced at my […]

7.28.2015 Written By: Ken Hochstetler 165 Times read

Kansas City reflections

It was good to be at our church’s convention last month in Kansas City, Mo., representing more than 350 of my associates at Everence. The theme focused on the road journey to Emmaus. Last year was a time of journey for me. Receiving a call to Everence, I left a 29-year career in secular financial […]

7.28.2015 Written By: John D. Roth 181 Times read

Whither Mennonite World Conference?

In September 1936, Orie Miller and Harold Bender, two rising leaders in the (Old) Mennonite Church, published an enthusiastic report in the Gospel Herald about their participation in the third “General Congress of Mennonites” that had convened a few months earlier in the Netherlands. At the time, most Mennonites in North America regarded such gatherings […]

7.15.2015 Written By: Betsy Headrick McCrae 1459 Times read

Community lament

“Hear my prayer, O LORD; let my cry come to you. Do not hide your face from me in the day of my distress.” Psalm 102: 1 Sometimes when things are bad, there is nothing to do but lament. To allow the emotions to wash over you. To enter fully into the depths of despair […]