Professor's ashes buried at Merry Lea
Dogwood planted to remember Dale Hess, who died from cancer March 1.
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Music to Indonesia
Mentoring relationship creates music with peace message.
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Real faith
Iris de León-Hartshorn shares her story of abuse, moving on and working for peace.
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Goshen professor’s ashes buried at Merry Lea

Written By: Goshen College  
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Photo: Merry Lea staff members Bill Minter and Kerry Goodrich (center, kneeling) plant a dogwood in memory of Dale Hess with the assistance of Hess’ sons, Hans, Marcus and Karsten Hess, left to right. Luke Gascho, far right, looks on. Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center staff, along with friends and family of Dale Hess, gathered […]




Learning to love Evana in anger, grief and hope

4.27.2015 Posted By: Tim Nafziger 2162 Times read
Evana logo

On April 13, the Evana Network officially announced its new name and its first staff person, John Troyer, here in The Mennonite. For those who haven’t been following things, the Evana Network may simply be a network of churches inside and outside Mennonite Church USA that is not a denomination, according to Mennonite World Review, […]


Disciples making disciples

4.22.2015 Posted By: Byron Pellecer 183 Times read

While serving complimentary coffee and homemade cookies with a Mennonite flare at a local laundromat, a lady with a beautiful and inquisitive smile approached me and asked me, “Are you Mennonite?” In all honesty, I did not see that coming. I simply smiled and replied back “Yes, I am.” My response initiated a long conversation about the […]


Reclaiming the best from Selma

4.17.2015 Posted By: 134 Times read
EdmundPettisBridge_YvonnePlatts slide

Marchers cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., for the 50th anniversary of Selma. Photo by Yvonne Platts. This year marks the 50th anniversary of three significant events in the Civil Rights movement in the United States: The Voting Rights Act, which prohibited racial discrimination in voting laws and practices; the Selma-to-Montgomery marches, part […]


The anxiety of aging

4.17.2015 Posted By: Gordon Houser 309 Times read

Noah Baumbach’s new film, While We’re Young, is his most mature (no pun intended) and funny film to date. Each of his films (The Squid and the Whale, Margot at the Wedding, Greenberg and Frances Ha) combine funny dialogue with the painful drama of relationships. While We’re Young opens with a middle-age couple, Josh (Ben […]


6 spiritual disciplines for people who hate moving

4.15.2015 Posted By: Anna Groff 447 Times read
Huge piles of cardboard boxes in equilibrium

In February, we moved to a new house in Tucson, Ariz. As someone who likes order and knowing where things are, I don’t like moving. Then again, who actually likes moving? I felt stress building as our moving date approached, so I took this to my spiritual director. We discussed the spiritual practices involved in packing […]


Garden together

4.7.2015 Posted By: 273 Times read
MC USA Cara-Garden-300x295

This post by Cara Rufenacht originally ran as a #wearemenno blog on April 6 on During a visioning exercise at the Pittsburgh Mennonite Church fall retreat I sat with fellow members and discussed our hopes for our church. We sought to answer in three words or less, “What is PMC’s purpose, and how will we […]


What is wisdom?

4.6.2015 Posted By: Rafael Barahona 206 Times read

Access to the Internet and electronic communication has left encyclopedias and printed books behind. There is a deluge of information being transmitted via internet to which we can have instant access. There is so much information in cyberspace—both good and bad—so easy to get to that we don’t need to know it firsthand. All we […]



reaching_freeimages slide
4.27.2015 Written By: Perry Bush

Lesson from a telescope

C. Henry Smith called Mennonites to toleration in his day—and ours. Smith lived out his adult life in a time of deep conflict within the Mennonite churches. Menno­nites were arguing bitterly about matters that to them were of dire and momentous importance: whether women should be mandated, for example, to wear a prayer covering over […]

Iris' senior portrait.
4.26.2015 Written By: Anna Groff

Iris de León-Hartshorn: Real faith

As a junior high student, Iris de León-Hartshorn met with her school counselor to decide what classes to take in high school. A good student throughout elementary and junior high school, she planned on signing up for college prep courses. The counselor looked at Iris’ proposed schedule and said, “Oh, you know Mexicans don’t go […]

Manuel 2
4.6.2015 Written By: Jonathan Beachy

When a ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment is not enough

One day back in March, my cell was on vibrate, and I missed a call coming from three time zones and 6,000 miles away. An hour later, I had the phone with me and picked up. Even though nine years had passed since I left my job as prison chaplain in South America, I had […]

cross2_morgueFile slide
4.6.2015 Written By: Myron S. Augsburger

The old rugged cross changes us

The wonder of forgiving grace and its cost for God in self-substitution Paul writes of the gospel he preached, “Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised again, … and that he appeared” (1 Corinthians 15:3-5). Again he wrote, “May I never boast […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Levi Miller

The liberal litany

Tolerance and innovation are given greater priority than tradition and Scripture. During my adult life in the Mennonite church I have heard a litany of contentious issues: prayer coverings and plain coats, restrictions against radios and TV, divorce and remarriage, women pastors and nonresistance to justice. You can add your own variations to this litany […]

salad_CC_Amazing slide
3.27.2015 Written By: Betsy Headrick McCrae

Church salad: A reflection on Romans 14:1-11 and 15:1-7

Here in the United States we talk about being a melting pot; that’s our national myth. We come from all over the world, but as we become U.S. citizens we become culturally the same, or so the legend goes. In Canada they use a different image. We come from all over, they say, but we […]


4.27.2015 Written By: Gordon Houser

Dialogue takes courage

The word “dialogue” gets thrown around, usually as a positive activity. But perhaps we treat it too glibly. It means more than just talking to someone. It also involves listening and the willingness to be changed. Given that, we have to ask ourselves, Are we really committed to dialogue? In his wise, incisive book Presence […]

4.27.2015 Written By: Cyneatha Millsaps

Getting old or living longer?

There is a commercial that asks, “Why do we say, getting older instead of saying living longer?” The commercial is for pets or something, but I’ve found myself pondering that question for weeks now. Getting older or living longer … I am 47 years old, and I remember like yesterday when I turned 40. For […]

4.22.2015 Written By: Claire DeBerg

5 do’s and don’ts for leaders

There are powerful leaders and humble leaders, horrible leaders and questionable leaders. Throughout my adult life of working under various leaders—from churches to places of employment, from neighborhood associations to my children’s school board, from nonprofit organizations where I’ve volunteered to my own family—I’ve had varying experiences of leaders and come to understand that everyone […]

4.2.2015 Written By: Jodi H. Beyeler

When a 3-year-old talks about death

Maybe we shouldn’t have told my 3-year-old son life’s biggest secret already, but we did: “We are all going to die someday.” Now he regularly talks about death and people dying. And he is so matter of fact about it; there is no fear or anxiety. He asks if he and other people he knows […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Martin Navarro

Evangelism or storytelling?

This year I visited Iglesia Evagelica Lawndale (Lawndale Mennonite) in Illinois. Prior to this visit I had visited the church several times and I was familiar with the worship. For the first time I decided to attend Sunday school with my mother-in-law. This Sunday school class was intended to train lay people to practice evangelism more profoundly. I have to confess […]

3.27.2015 Written By: Gordon Houser

Religion and the Bible on TV

Every year around Easter, we find old Jesus films on TV, from The Greatest Story Ever Told to Jesus of Nazareth to The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Increasingly, shows with religious themes are showing up on TV. In March, CNN is in the midst of a six-part series called “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery,” […]