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Anabaptist responses to gun violence
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What can hip-hop teach the church?

Written By: Annette Brill Bergstresser, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary  
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Photo: Daniel White Hodge, Ph.D., author of The Soul of Hip Hop: Rims, Timbs and a Cultural Theology (IVP 2010) and Homeland Insecurity: A Hip-Hop Missiology for the Post-Civil Rights Context (IVP Academic, 2018), gives a presentation on “The Soul of Hip-Hop and the Church in America” Jan. 14 as part of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., […]




Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to

1.18.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 126 Times read

David and Leann Augsburger are two semi-retired people who co-lead a home base church (Peace Mennonite Church, Claremont, California) and volunteer to welcome, care and connect people in the San Gabriel valley. 1. Mudbound. Director Dee Ree’s shocking story of American racism. The story progresses slowly and then one forgets all that went before in the blaze […]


January Recipe: Slow Cooker Lentil Salad with Roasted Squash

1.16.2018 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds 45 Times read

Research shows that taste and smell work together to help guide our perception of the flavor of food. Food without scent, is a large part of why I find the flu season so gastronomically depressing. Anytime you need to blow your nose to taste your steak, you know things are getting desperate. In this light, the old school slow […]


Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

1.12.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 237 Times read

Joanne Gallardo is pastor of faith formation at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana. 1. The Read Harder Challenge: I was given a New Year’s challenge by a friend to help me get out of my usual “reading” routine, which consistently involves reading theology, self-help and extremely sad books. Book Riot has come up with their […]


What to do when the juice dries up

1.11.2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 185 Times read

Marlene Kropf is a retired professor and denominational minister who lives in Port Townsend, Washington, where she continues to offer spiritual direction and lead retreats and Celtic pilgrimages.  She is a member of Portland (Oregon) Mennonite Church  and serves on the steering committee of Mennonite Spiritual Directors Network. This post originally ran on the Mennonite Church […]


Youth are the church of today!

1.11.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 190 Times read

Joy Cotchen is the Conference Minister for Children and Youth for Allegheny Mennonite Conference.  For over 50 years, Allegheny Mennonite Conference (AMC) has devoted time, energy, staff and resources toward children and youth as one if its highest priorities for conference life. In 1979, the first paid staff person was engaged to oversee children and […]


Where will the next generation of Mennonite leaders come from?

1.9.2018 Posted By: Elwood Yoder 307 Times read

After finishing Donald Kraybill’s fine new history book about Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, I’m left wondering where the next generation of Mennonite church leaders will come from. Kraybill’s centennial book was a fun read for me, but in the midst of his sociological analysis and human-interest stories, it became clear to me that Mennonite […]


January Faith Formation Checklist: Teaching Conscientious Objection

1.8.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 223 Times read

When I meet with youth sponsors, I often encourage them to think about what they can offer youth that youth will not get anywhere else. Sharing our church’s historic teaching on conscientious objection to war falls squarely into the category of things youth are not likely to hear anywhere else! Here are four very accessible […]


The unseen hand of God

1.8.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 94 Times read

Barbara Nkala is the Mennonite World Conference representative for Southern Africa. This column first appeared in the January edition of The Mennonite magazine. Only a small portion of our print articles are shared online. Subscribe now to receive a year of The Mennonite each month. The dramatic events in Zimbabwe were unexpected, unbelievable, unforeseen. The saga […]


Forbearance is forever: Reflections on Allegheny Mennonite Conference

1.5.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 1,206 read

David E. Mishler is Conference Minister for Allegheny Mennonite Conference.  When I returned to Allegheny Conference at the call of its Leadership Council in 2016, I knew that the road ahead would be fraught with questions, anger, misunderstanding, lament…and praise and joy, relief and new energy. This anticipated mixture was what drew me and also […]


Our top five lists for 2017: Staff picks

1.5.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 176 Times read

The new year may be underway already, but our staff are still looking back on the year that was in popular culture. Check out our lists and tell us what would make it on to yours! Shé Langley, Digital Content Specialist Most Moving TV Show: This is Us Most Watched YouTube Channel: Elevation Church Most […]


Benefiting from sin

1.3.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 1,044 read

I benefit from sin every day. Sin, as I have always understood it, is any action or inaction that breaks a relationship with God, others, self, or all of creation. When I first began to grasp the concept of sin beyond just disobeying my parents, I understood that sin was a word synonymous with harm. […]



1.9.2018 Written By: Alex Gonzalez 416 Times read

An unforgettable night: Mennonite school in Puerto Rico continues on after hurricane

Alex Gonzalez is superintendent of Academia Menonita Betania in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. This column first appeared in the January edition of The Mennonite magazine. Only a small portion of our print articles are shared online. Subscribe now to receive a year of The Mennonite each month. The night of Sept. 19, 2017, will be an unforgettable night for those who experienced […]

1.5.2018 Written By: Tim Davis 80 Times read

Shaped by Scripture: Tim Davis

Tim Davis is Pastor of Peace Mennonite Community Church, Aurora Colorado. He is pictured here with his wife, Charlene.  “In the beginning…“ I was found. Lost and wandering aimlessly, I heard the words, familiar to many, that “Jesus loved me” (Rev. 1:5). Those words had trampolined off my ears in years foregone and for some reason […]

12.23.2017 Written By: Seth Thomas Crissman and Greg Yoder 361 Times read

Our Christmas playlist: Seth Thomas Crissman and Greg Yoder

Seth Thomas Crissman and Greg Yoder are members of The Walking Roots band. They live and work in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They just released “Hark: A Walking Roots Band Christmas.”  Here they list their top 10 favorite Christmas songs (five from Seth and five from Greg).  You can also listen to their full playlist below.  Seth’s […]

12.21.2017 370 Times read

The 3 C’s of Mennonite higher education

Dr. Susan Schultz Huxman is President of Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia. You can read more about her in the January edition of The Mennonite magazine.  More than 100 years ago, the seeds of Anabaptist education were planted by Mennonites in mostly rural locations across North America. These industrious men and women from the church launched […]

12.19.2017 Written By: Stanley Green and Rafael Zaracho for Mennonite World Conference 44 Times read

World Conference commission calls Anabaptists to urgency in mission

Stanley Green and Rafael Zaracho serve as the Mennonite World Conference Mission Commission chair and secretary.  In recent years, Anabaptists have been identified by such distinctives as peacemaking, voluntary choice, simple living, community and discipleship. We believe, however, that a key defining characteristic of the early Anabaptist movement was its fervent embrace of mission. Even while […]

12.19.2017 Written By: Felipe Hinojosa 487 Times read

El programa navideño: Christmas and the stories we tell ourselves

Felipe Hinojosa is associate professor of history at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The featured photo is of a Christmas program at Iglesia Menonita del Cordero in Brownsville, Texas.  This reflection appeared in the December issue of The Mennonite magazine. Only a fraction of our original features and opinion pieces are online. Subscribe today […]


1.8.2018 Written By: Gerald and Marlene Kaufman 317 Times read

Well-lit congregations

Gerald and Marlene Kaufman are retired marriage and family counselors. They have authored several books. The most recent is Necessary Conversations Between Families and Their Aging Parents. They have lead numerous seminars throughout the church and broader community.   The Apostle Paul says that God’s people, “people of the light,” dispel darkness by living in a […]

1.5.2018 Written By: Martin Shupack 696 Times read

Christian faith is bigger than white evangelicalism

Martin Shupack is an elder in New Hope Fellowship [Mennonite] Church in Alexandria, Virginia, and Director of Advocacy for Church World Service. Though never an easy fit, during the last century many Mennonites adopted beliefs and values shaped by evangelicalism and some call themselves evangelicals, as I have. This article argues that it’s time for […]

1.4.2018 Written By: Cynthia Peacock, Mennonite World Conference release 73 Times read

Overcoming barriers and building empowerment: A testimony

At Mennonite World Conference Assembly 16 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, representatives of the Anne Zernike Fund, which supports women pursuing theological education, honored Cynthia Peacock (center) for her pioneering service, calling her “a source of inspiration for many.” Photo: Heike Martin Boundaries, barriers, blocks, bridges and empowerment have been very real to me. Through the years, […]

12.29.2017 Written By: Cyneatha Millsaps 556 Times read

Fences don’t make good neighbors

Cyneatha Millsaps is Pastor of Community Mennonite Church in Markham, Illinois. This piece originally appeared in the January issue of The Mennonite. Only 1/3 of our print article are published online. Subscribe now to receive each issue in your mailbox or e-mail inbox: https://themennonite.org/subscribe/ Walls are everywhere. All we seem to talk about as a nation […]

12.21.2017 Written By: Mennonite Church USA college and university presidents 2,537 Times read

Mennonite institutions respond to turbulence in higher education

This letter was written by the presidents of the Mennonite Church USA colleges and universities (pictured above in alphabetical order by last name), James M. Harder (Bluffton University), Joseph Manickam (Hesston College), Susan Schultz Huxman (Eastern Mennonite University), John Sheriff (Bethel College) and Rebecca Stoltzfus (Goshen College). As presidents of Mennonite Church USA’s colleges and universities, […]

12.15.2017 Written By: Audrey Metz 1,359 read

When church hurts

Audrey Metz is from Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Recently, a taunting remark was made to me by a male as he sidled up to where I was waiting to be seated in church.  His remark-his attitude of power over me-resulted in a decision that my husband and I had not planned to make, ever again: This coming […]