Advent Manifesto: Does my soul still sing?
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Pa. congregation named national historic preservation grant recipient
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Advent: An Advent of privilege
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Hesston College Aviation establishes first industry partnership

Written By: Hesston College  
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Photo: Hesston College Aviation student Gracie Hochstetler of Leesburg, Indiana, goes through pre-flight checks on one of the college’s planes. Photo by Larry Bartel/Hesston College. In an effort to provide a variety of continuing education and career opportunities to students, Hesston (Kansas) College Aviation has established a partnership with SkyWest Airlines, a passenger airline company that […]




Advent: An Advent of privilege

12.10.2018 Posted By: Kevin Ressler 629 Times read

For Advent, I’ve been reflecting particularly on what it means to tell the Christmas story to my 4-year-old daughter. Particularly, as one for a preference for the Gospel of Matthew, how do I talk about the Massacre of the Innocents? This is the title given to the story of Herod ordering the killing of all […]


Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

12.7.2018 Posted By: Joanne Gallardo 150 Times read

Here are five things worth paying attention to this week. These are designed to expose you to a perspective you may not normally come across. 1. White supremacy and the illusion of “equity” I recently came across this article, which opened my eyes to the covert racism of the popular “equity vs. equality” meme that made […]


February 2019 Call for Submissions: Transformation

12.6.2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 55 Times read

The Mennonite, Inc., invites your original submissions for our February 2019 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Transformation. Description of the theme: While Valentine’s Day occurs annually in February and typically focuses on romantic love, there are other matters of the heart worth exploring. In Acts 2, Peter addresses a crowd and calls […]


Advent: Preparing the way by unlearning

12.3.2018 Posted By: Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg 581 Times read

The days are growing darker in every way imaginable. I find myself struggling between great anxiety for the future, for the world, for the church, for my children and what they are growing up in and trying to convince myself that God is sovereign and faithful. I’m not seeing evidence of God’s sovereignty at the […]


Tell me your name

12.3.2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 293 Times read

My husband has a gift of remembering names and faces. He can often even recall where he met someone and through whom he met them. It’s a superpower that I do not possess. In my current role as Mennonite Church USA denominational minister, I encounter so many new names throughout the day — through emails […]



12.10.2018 Written By: John Paul Lederach 1,959 read

Advent Manifesto: Does my soul still sing?

This article comes from the December issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on “Good News, Great Joy.” Read more reflections online or subscribe to receive more original features in your inbox each month.   First words I too decided to write an orderly account for you. Luke 1:3 1. Some good friends in the world of Mennonite publications asked if I might […]

11.26.2018 Written By: Juanita Fox 953 Times read

An innovative solution to affordable housing

Photo: Ruth Dunlap, right, who attends Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster, and Rose Sheaffer, who attends New Holland Mennonite Church, reside at the Cooperative Living House at Garden Spot Village in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Photo provided by Garden Spot Village. This is a web-exclusive article on the theme “Health care: a biblical and cultural concern.” […]

11.19.2018 Written By: Lyubov Slashcheva 294 Times read

A response to the Medical Industrial Complex

This is a web-exclusive article on the theme “Health care: a biblical and cultural concern.” For more stories on this theme, see the November issue of The Mennonite, available here. Applicants interviewing for health-professional programs are asked this classic question: “Why do you want to be a—?” Most often, preprofessional health students respond with, “I want […]

11.5.2018 Written By: Michael A. Meneses 606 Times read

Living with a degenerative disease without losing heart

Photo: Michael Meneses serves Communion. Photo provided by the author. This article comes from the November issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on “Health care.” Read more reflections online or subscribe to receive more original features in your inbox each month. How do you stay motivated when you have little energy and constantly feel tired and weak? What do you do when […]

10.8.2018 Written By: Joanne Gallardo 1,670 read

My journey of forgiveness

Photo: Joanne Gallardo. Photo by Olivia Copsey. This article comes from the October issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on “Loving Enemies.” Read more reflections online or subscribe to receive more original features in your inbox each month. I’ll never forget when I became a pacifist. I was 12 and not a part of a church. My dad bought an old VHS […]

9.24.2018 Written By: Russ Eanes 465 Times read

An unhurried journey: Walking the Camino de Santiago

This is a web-exclusive article on the theme “Pilgrimage” For more stories on this theme, see the September issue of The Mennonite, available here. For nearly 20 years, the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, beckoned me. Since the ninth century—and possibly longer—pilgrims have walked to Santiago de Compestela, largely along a route […]


11.5.2018 Written By: Jennifer Schrock 2,217 Times read

What to say on the eve of an election?

Recently, I spoke with a millennial who told me she’s not going to vote. She doesn’t really know the issues, she said. What is more, she doesn’t like what politics does to people and therefore she doesn’t want to participate. I am sympathetic. I would rather be birding than debating national issues. I am by […]

11.5.2018 Written By: Sabrina Falls 583 Times read

Love in the face of tragedy in Pittsburgh

Every week on Shabbat, the seventh day, when Jews come to the synagogue to observe the Sabbath, the Torah scroll is removed from the ark, lifted up, then laid gently down on a broad lectern and rolled out so the Scripture portion of the day may be chanted directly from the Hebrew text. Before and […]

10.29.2018 Written By: Joel Miller 363 Times read

One year in: a sanctuary reflection

Photo: In observation of Mother’s Day, Columbus Mennonite Church held an event May 10 that put Edith Espinal’s story alongside two other mothers: facing separation from children through possible deportation (Espinal), living without a son killed by Columbus police, and leaving behind a child in a refugee camp. The three woman are standing in front. […]

7.25.2018 Written By: Joanne Gallardo 4,123 Times read

Doors, not walls: Why LGBTQ inclusion is so divisive in MC USA

I joined the Mennonite church as a teenager. Mennonite Church USA as a denomination was still new, and I found it fitting that I was starting my journey as a Mennonite at the same time this denomination was trying to get itself off the ground. I was pretty convinced this denomination was a perfect fit […]

7.23.2018 Written By: Ryan Ahlgrim 5,478 Times read

Three reasons why gay acceptance has been so divisive in MC USA

Since its formation in 2001, Mennonite Church USA has declined from more than 120,000 adult members to about 67,000 adult members today. Most of this loss has been due to congregations, as well as some area conferences, leaving the denomination. Although congregations and conferences have left over a variety of issues, the most prominent one […]

7.11.2018 Written By: Mel Lehman 755 Times read

What would Mr. Rogers do with the Muslim travel ban?

I know a thing or two about the power of fear. I was grounded by a fear of flying many years ago. I traveled to Europe twice in a cheap cabin deep in the belly of the Queen Elizabeth 2, near the rumbling engines, because I couldn’t bring myself to get on an airplane. With […]