A teacher and learner
EMM worker impacted by relationship with refugee community
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Spiritual discernment guide available
Resource focuses on one set of spiritual disciplines for each of the six weeks leading up to KC2015
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Youth transformed by restorative justice
Fania E. Davis and Cameron Simmons, whose life was turned around by the restorative justice practices.
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EMM worker impacted by relationship with refugee community

Written By: Chris Fretz  
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Photo: Sean FitzGerald met Naw Hser Hser, a human rights advocate who works for the Karen Women’s Organization, when he traveled to Burma and Thailand. Photo by Sean FitzGerald. Sean FitzGerald, Eastern Mennonite Missions worker, finds himself deeply and positively impacted by his recent service among and his ongoing relationships with Karen refugees from Burma […]




Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcakes

5.28.2015 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds 102 Times read

The Hungry Hounds is the Pittsburgh-based food blog of Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast. Their creative, homespun cooking brings together local ingredients, traditional techniques, and an eclectic international palate. As a couple that cooks, works, and blogs together, Paul and Rebecca are passionate about the ability of food to bring people together, and like to […]


Dialogue matters: And other ongoing gifts from Vincent Harding

5.28.2015 Posted By: Drew Hart 33 Times read
harding vincent

Read the full post along with other reflections on Vincent Harding over at Mennonite Life. In 1960, when Vincent Harding moved to Atlanta, he began trying to weld together the ongoing nonviolent activism being lived out by some in the Black Church with the peace witness of the Mennonite Church. This effort became less than […]


A dream becoming reality

5.22.2015 Posted By: 57 Times read
MC USA-Signing-lease

Sarah Jackson is the founder and director of Casa de Paz (House of Peace), a house for undocumented immigrants and their families in Aurora, Colorado. Jackson also founded Volleyball Latino, a bilingual league whose proceeds fund her hospitality work. This is part two of four in a Mennonite Church USA series featuring Mennonites working with immigrants. […]


Coming out as a gadfly: 8 years of blogging for The Mennonite

5.15.2015 Posted By: Tim Nafziger 670 Times read
Joel Kauffmann's 2009 Pontius Puddle comic explaining how to walk on Water with the help of turtles: http://www.pontius.com/2009/09/076-how-to-walk-on-water/

Image credit: Pontius Puddle cartoon from September 8, 2009 by Joel Kauffmann Yesterday—May 14, 2015—marked eight years of blogging here for The Mennonite, mostly on my own for the first seven years, and now, for the last year, with a wonderful array of other bloggers. I started this experiment a little over a week after my […]


Engaging the homeless at Kansas City 2015

5.14.2015 Posted By: Glen Guyton 269 Times read

Glen Guyton is chief operating officer for Mennonite Church USA. This ran on the Mennonite Church USA website. Oley Valley Mennonite Church summed it up pretty well in a blog they wrote following Phoenix 2013: “We mean well, but we can be pretty stupid.” Like many people who stayed at the Sheraton hotel, the group […]


People of peace positioning for war

5.11.2015 Posted By: Jessica Schrock Ringenberg 2381 Times read
Hymn sing at convention

I am dreading convention. That seems weird to write here. I love Mennonite Church USA conventions. I am a convention nerd. I love the great “reunion” of friends and like-hearted individuals from every corner of our denomination. I love the energy and excitement. I love the worship and the speakers, not to mention the swag. […]


Mothering and moving on

5.9.2015 Posted By: 493 Times read
MC USA Alyssa-R

Alyssa Rodriguez attends First Mennonite Church in Iowa City, Iowa and works as a Family Support Worker for marginalized populations while also learning the ins-and-outs of motherhood with her beloved daughter, Zulema. This first appeared as a #wearemenno blog on the Mennonite Church USA website.  As I reflect on celebrating my first Mother’s Day as […]


‘Heart with loving heart united’

5.8.2015 Posted By: 245 Times read
MC USA group slide

Photo: Small group with Dorothy Yoder Nyce, Izaete Romao Araujo Nafziger and Karla Minter. A few weeks ago about 40 people gathered in a church fellowship hall to reflect on what we are learning from interchurch relations that might help us in our intra-church relations. What are we learning from relationships with Lutherans and Pentecostals, […]


How food kills indigenous people

5.1.2015 Posted By: Erica Littlewolf 336 Times read

I was born on the Crow Reservation, the reservation neighboring ours and our longtime enemies. I was once told the government put our two tribes next to each other hoping we would kill each other off; instead we intermarry, crack jokes about each other and our babies are born in the same hospital. I grew […]



5.27.2015 Written By: Jim Schrag

10 observations for these days

Thoughts from a seasoned pastor and former church executive 1. Anabaptism has always been diverse. “Will the real Anabaptist please stand up.” In any Mennonite crowd, expect a wide variety of people to rise at this invitation. Historically, the 16th-century “founders” of Anabaptism were a diverse bunch who didn’t always agree. The “recovery” of Anabaptist […]

5.27.2015 Written By: Tommy Airey

White supremacy and class privilege in Detroit

They covet fields, and seize them; houses, and take them away; they oppress householder and house, people and their inheritance.—Micah 2:2 Last year, my wife and I moved from suburban Southern California to inner-city Detroit, a crippled city of 139 square miles with an 83 percent African-American population. We have had the privilege of serving […]

5.24.2015 Written By: Dave Hockman-Wert

How to get along with Romans (and other church folk)

Lessons from the Apostle Paul for the weak and the strong In his letter to the Romans, Paul writes to a church community of two minds. One group holds its traditions in high esteem, including practices such as circumcision, honoring the Sabbath, eating only clean food and four-part a cappella singing from the hymnal. This […]

5.24.2015 Written By: Ted Lewis

Cycles of violence, cycles of virtue

The book of Judges is full of odd and graphic vignettes of violence, not unlike what one might see in a medieval action movie. Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with an oxgoad; Jael drove a tent peg through the temple of the sleeping Sisera. How should we interpret these stories of violence? Should we admire these […]

1806 cover large
5.22.2015 Written By: Laurie Oswald Robinson

Pastoral ministry advocate: John Esau

An irony of his life is that during seminary in the early 1960s, his peers told him he wasn’t really suited for pastoral ministry, said John A. Esau last fall. He defied the naysayers and served for the next two and a half decades as a Mennonite pastor. But he didn’t stop there. In 1985, […]

treesun_Lima Pix_CC-slide
5.7.2015 Written By: Wilmer Villacorta

Newness of hope in the midst of disappointment

This is the last of four Bible studies by different authors on the key Scripture text for Menno­nite Church USA’s next biennial convention, to be held June 30–July 5 in Kansas City, Mo. “On the way/En el camino” is the convention theme, and the Scripture text is Luke 24. See convention.mennoniteusa.org. Words capture the human […]


5.27.2015 Written By: Marty Troyer

LGBTQ are created in the image of God

One of the least controversial things you could say is that lesbians and gays are created in the image of God. Bisexuals, transgender, cisgender, heterosexual, celibate, queer-identifying, single and married persons are all images of God. It’s even true that I, despite much evidence to the contrary, have the divine image within me. You could […]

5.24.2015 Written By: John D. Roth

Mennonite Church in Kenya celebrates 70 years

On Dec. 6, 1942, Ogwada Okach and Nikanor Dhaje, two Kenyan teenagers enrolled in the Mennonite mission school in Shirati, Tanzania, began preaching in the market in Nyarombo, a town in southwestern Kenya just across the border from Tanzania. Several days earlier, the boys had attended a revival service at the school led by William […]

5.24.2015 Written By: Hannah Heinzekehr

Communication: more than just good grammar

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. This little adage—often spoken in a sing-song, taunting voice—was taught me when I was young. The point was often that although people sometimes said mean things I didn’t need to let them land. I could, as Taylor Swift says in her now […]

5.23.2015 Written By: Harold Bauman

Unity is the higher priority

What does Jesus’ priority in his “high priestly prayer” (John 17:20-23) the night he was betrayed have to do with how we relate to each other over how to deal with those who say they are gay or lesbian? In my study of the Biblical passages and their contexts dealing with homosexuality, I conclude that […]

5.22.2015 Written By: Sara Dick

A 12-year-old surprised by goodness

Some things take way, way more time than we expect them to. Late last summer, I planted spinach seeds, hoping for a fall crop. Nothing came up. I figured the seeds were kaput, set aside my hopes for late summer salads and quiches and stopped watering. Come January, during a brief warm spell and after […]

5.22.2015 Written By: Anna Groff

Forbearance in Lancaster

I was moved by the April discussion of 52 leaders from Lancaster (Pa.) Conference regarding the “Radical Center” document. I wondered, Could this be a type of forbearance? In addition to patience, forbearance means restraint and tolerance—especially during the challenge of listening to others’ opinions. Being from Lancaster Conference myself, I am familiar with “history […]