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On feeling insignificant

10.11. 2017 Written By: Dominique Chew

Dominique Chew is a member of Whitestone Mennonite Church in Hesston, Kansas. This article was originally published as the “New Voices” column in the October issue of The Mennonite magazine. To read more original columns each month, subscribe today.  This year it felt like the seasons came and went more quickly than they ever had for me. I’m […]

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October: Shaped by Scripture

9.29. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite Inc. Staff

9   Congregational Snapshots: Iglesia Menonita Buenas Nuevas 10 The rowing moments– By Claire DeBerg 14 She did what she could when she could-By Raquel Esteves-Joyce 18 Life for life-By Alvis Pettker 22 God’s silence-By Rebecca Barrett-Fox 26  ‘Disarming hearts, forging peace’-By Joel Shenk 28 Why we change hymn texts-By the Resonate Worship and Song […]

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May: Taking the pulse of Mennonite Church USA at 15

5.3. 2017

8 We are anemic-By Cyneatha Millsaps 9 Congolese Mennonite resiliency-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Where we’ve been, where we’re headed-By Gordon Houser 13 For such a time as this: Reflections on Mennonite Church USA at 15-By Dorothy Nickel-Friesen 15 A federation of conferences: Reflections on Mennonite Church USA at 15-By Everett Thomas 18 Divergent, A way […]

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December: Waiting for Manuchka

12.1. 2016

8 Our unbearable night-By Isaac Villegas 9 Celebrating the Reformation?-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Waiting for Manuchka: Lessons from adoption-By Joe Miller 16 This will not end well: Christmas reflections from Jubilee Mennonite Church -By Elaine Maust 20A healing journey: Tony Brenneman’s story-By Elwood Yoder 23 A story of church change: Mennonites and change- […]

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July: Blessed are those of us who face mental and emotional struggles

6.24. 2016

8 The Spirit may challenge boundaries-By Ron Adams 9 Living peaceably with Muslim neighbors-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Blessed are those of us who face mental and emotional struggles-By Michael King 16 Up, down and moving on: A life with bipolar disorder and a national study that may help others -By Beverly Miller 20 Learning to […]

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Goshen College Record named Newspaper of the Year

4.12. 2016 Written By: Goshen College

Photo: Goshen (Indiana) College communication and English students at the Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards on April 9, 2016 in Indianapolis. (Photo courtesy of the Indiana Collegiate Press Association) The Goshen (Indiana) College Record claimed 28 Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) awards, including “Newspaper of the Year,” in a competition among Indiana colleges. Staff members from […]

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February: Trouble I’ve seen

1.29. 2016

4 Letters to the editor 6 News briefs 8 Jesus’ way of compassion-Sara Dick 9 Images of pain and beauty-John D. Roth 10 Miscellany-compiled by Gordon Houser 11 Web notes-compiled by Hannah Heinzekehr 12 Trouble I’ve seen-Drew G.I. Hart 16 Insights from an AnaBlacktivist: An interview with Drew Hart 19 Called to love-Patricia Barron 22 […]

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