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April 2018 Call for Submissions: Technology and Faith

1.28. 2018 Posted By: The Mennonite 234 Times read

The Mennonite, Inc. welcomes your original submissions and contributions for our April 2018 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Technology and Faith.  

Technology can be understood in a broad sense or in specific ways. For example, we may reflect on how technology affects our commitment to local communities or to the environment. Or we may reflect on the influence of cell phones and/or social media on our lives and on the life of the church.

Submissions may consider these or other prompts/questions related to the theme:

  • What are the gifts and challenges of technology in our lives?
  • How does technology shape and change us?
  • What are technologies available to us but not to others? How are we privileged?
  • What are stories of how we have used technology in constructive ways?
  • What are stories of how technology has been destructive to us and/or our relationships?
  • What are stories of choosing not to use certain technologies because of their harmful effects, lack of access or commitments to living in solidarity with others/your community?
  • How does technology both support and/or discourage community relationships?


Submissions are due to no later than Feb. 17,  2018.     

We welcome written reflections—personal stories, biblical or theological reflections, poetry and more (800-1,200 words)—as well as original photographymultimedia products (including but not limited to original song or music recordings, music playlists, videos and vlogs) and artwork on the theme.

Submissions should be sent to no later than Feb. 17.  Please note that we are committed to anti-oppression reviews as part of our editorial process. We have also pulled together a list of anti-oppression guidelines and questions for writers to consider as they are developing their piece.

You can also check out our full editorial guidelines online. 

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