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My friendship with Dale, an ‘edge worker’ among Mennonites

1.13. 2020

Photo: Tim Nafziger and Dale Suderman in Vietnam in 2008 prior to Dale’s stroke. Photo provided by the author. My friend Dale Suderman died quietly on Jan. 5 in his recliner in Hillsboro, Kansas. Dale is not the kind of person who is often celebrated by the mainstream Mennonite community for many reasons. Though he […]

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MennoCon19 reflection: Why I go to convention

7.17. 2019

Editor’s note: Following MennoCon19, several bloggers for The Mennonite are sharing reflections. Conventions are where we in Mennonite Church USA go to wrestle with who we are. Traditionally that happens in the delegate assembly, where resolutions are passed and changes are made to church documents. However, over the last 12 years I’ve seen how it […]

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Better their bodies rot now than their souls rot in hell

11.26. 2018

Photo: Fr. Junipero Serra, founder of the Mission Dolores, is immortalized at a rest stop alongside Interstate 280 in California. Photo credit: Steve Boland, Flickr For four years now, I’ve been moderator for a Facebook group called “Anabaptist Collective.” Reading through the comments on a given week offers an interesting cross-section of Anabaptist thought among the […]

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Relationships made tangible in Thomas Fire

12.11. 2017

Photo of the Ojai Valley, California, during the Thomas Fire. Photo by Tim Nafziger. Tim Nafziger is a regular blogger for The Mennonite, Inc.  Community is key for us as Mennonites and this week that came home to me in a very concrete way as my wife, Charletta, and I watched the Thomas Fire grow from […]

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Nonviolence against White Supremacy after Charlottesville

10.2. 2017

This post is co-written by Tim Nafziger and Mark van Steenwyk. Featured photo by Tim Nafziger.  This is the second in a series of pieces we’ve co-written. This article builds on our first together: Oppression is Bad, Now What?  In the last two months, in the wake of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, […]

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Treating the illness of Trumpism and ending white silence

6.23. 2017

Photo: Participants at the February 2017 Hope for the Future gatherings. From left to right: Rafael Barahona, Calenthia Dowdy, Ann Jacobs, Evelin Gonzalez and Colleen Whigham-Brockington. Photo by Jenny Perez Castro.  It’s been seven months since I last wrote in this space about the results of the U.S. presidential election. Since then the broader shape […]

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Lima Bean Eulogy: A poem for MJ

3.29. 2017

We planted lima beans the morning after villagers found MJ’s body. The rotund little green dumplings nestling to the damp earth He nestled in a shallow grave with Zaida and Betu along the road from from Bukonde to Tshimbulu in Kasai. In a few weeks those dumplings will bust up, burst out and wind their […]

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