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Mennonites, microagressions and Kansas City: an interview with Kelly Bates Oglesby

6.21. 2015

This is the eighth interview in my ongoing Anabaptist Camp Follower series in which I interview people who have been drawn to Anabaptism and Mennonites. Kelly Bates Oglesby is pastor at Park View Mennonite Church in Kokomo, Ind. Our interview happened before the massacre of nine Black Christians in Charleston on June 17. That act makes her words all […]

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Coming out as a gadfly: 8 years of blogging for The Mennonite

5.15. 2015

Image credit: Pontius Puddle cartoon from September 8, 2009 by Joel Kauffmann Yesterday—May 14, 2015—marked eight years of blogging here for The Mennonite, mostly on my own for the first seven years, and now, for the last year, with a wonderful array of other bloggers. I started this experiment a little over a week after my […]

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Learning to love Evana in anger, grief and hope

4.27. 2015

On April 13, the Evana Network officially announced its new name and its first staff person, John Troyer, here in The Mennonite. For those who haven’t been following things, the Evana Network may simply be a network of churches inside and outside Mennonite Church USA that is not a denomination, according to Mennonite World Review, […]

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Feminist organizing challenge institutions’ silence on Yoder

1.5. 2015

In the new issue of Mennonite Quarterly Review, five essays look at John Howard Yoder’s systematic project of sexual harassment and abuse of women. Unless otherwise noted, the articles named below are part of the issue. Rachel Waltner Goossen’s essay “‘Defanging the Beast’: Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Abuse” is the most extensive of these […]

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The hole in Lancaster Conference’s case against Chester Wenger

11.9. 2014

Lancaster Conference’s rationale for decredentialing one of their longest serving pastors is on shaky ground. Longtime Mennonite leader Chester Wenger published an Open Letter to my Beloved Church Nov. 6, calling for inclusion of LGBTQ people in our church. Wenger writes that, after 65 years as a pastor, Lancaster Conference has de-credentialed him for officiating his […]

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Managing Mennonite Church USA: Do we need a head bishop?

10.5. 2014

In a May 2014 letter in The Mennonite, C. Norman Kraus asked whether the role of Mennonite Church USA Executive Director (ED) and has begun to look like a “new papal office.” He said, “…are we not loading an institutional position with official authority that our polity does not accommodate?” By bringing the pope into […]

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Racism and empathy

6.9. 2014

Today a friend shared his experience when he was a young white teenager hanging out with young Latino men. When there was a possibility of encountering the police, they would say, "act white" and my friend would be asked to do the talking. What does "acting white" look like? If you’re asking that question, you’re […]

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