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The importance of relationships

7.30. 2018 Posted By: Jerrell Williams

Last week was my busiest one yet with Franconia Mennonite Conference. I sat in on a board meeting. I went to a goodbye blessing and celebration for John Stoltzfus, who served for six and a half years as youth pastor for Franconia Conference and campus pastor for Dock Mennonite Academy. I went to a staff meeting […]

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Why missional?

7.11. 2018 Posted By: Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg

What is my motivation? Why do I do what I do? What is my end goal? What am I valuing above anything else that would inspire me to behave the way in which I am behaving? As Mennonite people, deeply rooted in tradition, history, and a strong communal story, we need to ask the question […]

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Commemorating the United States the right way

7.9. 2018 Posted By: Jerrell Williams

This Fourth of July I gathered with Plains Mennonite Church and Evangelical Center for Revival, a predominantly Congolese Mennonite congregation, which held a joint July Fourth commemoration. This was the first time both of the churches got together for this kind of commemoration. The event displayed the willingness of both congregations to think about how […]

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Participating in praise and peace in Philadelphia

7.2. 2018 Posted By: Jerrell Williams

Last week I worshipped with Philadelphia Praise Center and taught at one day of their summer Peace Camp. Philadelphia Praise Center, a congregation of Franconia Mennonite Conference, holds worship services in Indonesian and in Chin Burmese, and has a house church service in English in the evening. I attended the congregation’s Indonesian service. I was […]

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Life in the soil of Allentown

6.25. 2018 Posted By: Jerrell Williams

Last week I visited Ripple Church in Allentown, the third-largest city in Pennsylvania. Though Ripple has 60 members, they are blessed with six pastors. At first, I found it weird that such a small congregation would need to have six pastors, but after my visit, I saw the need for all six of them. (All […]

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Glimpsing who we can be together

6.11. 2018 Posted By: Andrew Suderman

“If we want to be a peace church,” says Garcia Pedro Domingos, “we must also respond to and offer other alternatives to those who need jobs and financial stability.” Domingos, who comes from Angola, made this comment during face-to-face meetings of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Peace Commission. He shared stories about some of the challenges […]

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Wrestling with Mennonite identity: Seeing Anabaptism as more than just ‘hindsight’

2.21. 2018 Posted By: The Mennonite

Andrew Suderman teaches theology, peace and mission at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He also serves as secretary of Mennonite World Conference’s Peace Commission. Andrew and his wife, Karen, served with Mennonite Church Canada as coordinators of the Anabaptist Network in South Africa from 2009 to 2016. They live in Harrisonburg with their two children. […]

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