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March recipe: Blueberry coconut baked Scottish oats

3.22. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

If you have followed Haitian news in the past month, you may have seen that the country experienced a serious political crisis, with violent and unpredictable protests shutting down normal life and movement. For our family, this meant 12 days staying in our home in Port-au-Prince with our two little kids. As we passed the […]

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February recipe: Te jenjanm (Haitian ginger tea)

2.21. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

Te jenjanm (Haitian ginger tea) is a distinctive, bold and spicy brew from our adopted home in Haiti. Ginger is traditionally known in many places for its curative and restorative powers. Te jenjanm has a spicy kick that soothes the throat and warms the body. It is a favorite drink during the cooler months, and […]

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January recipe: Chocolate custard cake

1.16. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

Chocolate custard cake is our favorite chocolate cake. This fabulous cake is flourless, supremely decadent, dead simple to make, and perfectly balances the subtle spiciness of ancho and cinnamon with a dark fudgy texture. But perhaps the most eloquent endorsement is the bite mark on the stained recipe page by our late greyhound, Leo, who always […]

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December recipe: Bonbon siwo (Haitian gingerbread)

12.21. 2018 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

This holiday season add the flavors of Haiti to your holiday table with Bonbon siwo (Haitian gingerbread). Bonbon siwo is a warmly spiced, tropical gingerbread from Haiti, made over charcoal fires along busy market streets. This Haitian gingerbread cake is dark and dense with coconut milk and blackstrap molasses, and boldly flavored with fresh ginger, cloves and cinnamon. […]

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November recipe: Brussels sprouts with bacon

11.15. 2018 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

Brussels sprouts are a miniature member of the cabbage family that has seen a well-deserved rise in popularity in recent years, with restaurants now featuring dishes like Brussels sprouts brushcetta, Brussels grilled cheese, raw Brussels slaw and charred Brussels pizza. As with all cabbage relatives, we particularly love our Brussels cooked at high heat with punchy accents […]

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October recipe: French cabbage soup

10.19. 2018 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

Warm up in the cool weather with our recipe for French cabbage soup, Garbure Gasconne, our version of a delicious cabbage soup from the French region of Gascony. This soup employs steaming and simmering techniques to gently extract the delicate flavors from winter root vegetables. French cabbage soup is a warming vegetable soup with a […]

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September recipe: Aunt Mary’s spiced pumpkin bars

9.18. 2018 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

My great aunt Mary was a meticulous and brilliant woman, who also happened to have a stellar repertoire of holiday baked goods. Years ago, she passed her recipe for spiced pumpkin bars down to my mother. I returned to Aunt Mary’s recipe after a run of failed pumpkin bar experiments. Aunt Mary’s spiced pumpkin bars are a […]

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