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September recipe: Orange cilantro grilled chicken skewers

9.23. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

We love the flavor of grilled food. When we moved to Haiti, we missed our decade-old baby Weber grill so much that we ended up bringing it with us to Haiti. We debated admitting this embarrassing dependence, recognizing the ridiculousness of bringing our grill to Haiti. But wow, do we love to grill. Local oranges […]

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August recipe: Summer corn sauté with herbs

8.12. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

When we lived in Pittsburgh, September usually meant a last push to devour all the corn and tomatoes we could before cooler weather set in. With Haiti’s tropical temperatures, we can find many of the ingredients for summer corn sauté with herbs year-round. I like to fire up my grandmother’s trusty skillet to make this […]

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July recipe: Watermelon limeade

7.11. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

The summer months in Haiti are hot. July is a great time to get out of the hustle of Port-au-Prince, to leave the city through congested streets and drive up Route National 1, up the Cote des Arcadins in search of two things: salty ocean breezes and beautiful watermelons. Watermelons, by virtue of their size […]

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June recipe: Smokey ancho cheddar burgers

6.10. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

June is a month for burgers, and we wanted to share one of our favorites: Smokey ancho cheddar burgers. Despite the ample use of homemade garlic ancho chile paste, these burgers are not spicy, but bursting with sweet roasted garlic and smokey, earthy, dried anchos. Tangy melted cheddar, addictive ancho mayonnaise and bright bursts of […]

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May recipe: Lebanese-inspired tomato and cucumber salad

5.15. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

I, Paul, travel a lot for work. A favorite ritual after each trip is to try and bring some of the new flavors back to our table in Haiti. In a small way, it makes these long trips and hard-to-imagine places a little more understandable for our two curious toddlers. This Lebanese-inspired cucumber and tomato […]

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April recipe: North African grilled chicken

4.24. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

For us, the warmer months of eating revolve around the grill, where our current go-to protein is North African grilled chicken. Inspired by the flavors of the famous North African spice mix known as Ras Al-Hanout (or “best of the shop”), our marinade uses a blend of warming spices, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, nutmeg […]

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March recipe: Blueberry coconut baked Scottish oats

3.22. 2019 Posted By: The Hungry Hounds

If you have followed Haitian news in the past month, you may have seen that the country experienced a serious political crisis, with violent and unpredictable protests shutting down normal life and movement. For our family, this meant 12 days staying in our home in Port-au-Prince with our two little kids. As we passed the […]

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