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Q&A: The Amazon fires and how to respond as Anabaptists

8.30. 2019 Posted By: Sheldon C. Good

Sheldon C. Good, executive director of The Mennonite, Inc., interviewed Jerrell Ross Richer about the 2019 wildfires in the Amazon rainforest. This is an edited version of that interview. Jerrell Ross Richer is professor of economics at Goshen (Indiana) College and an international service worker for Mennonite Mission Network. Jerrell and his wife, Jane, spend […]

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The next step in assimilation

11.12. 2018 Posted By: Sarah Augustine

My father was removed from his mother and family, land, people, community and language at birth. He grew up in Denver, 350 miles from his mother’s birthplace and his native homeland. He was a ward of the state, raised in a foster home that housed up to a dozen boys at a time. When he […]

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Mennonite Heritage Sunday will offer lament for the Doctrine of Discovery

10.15. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

Worship materials created for Mennonite Heritage Sunday with the theme “Lament in response to the Doctrine of Discovery” are now available at Heritage Sunday takes place on the last Sunday of each October, Oct. 28 this year, to mark events and people with historical importance in the church, and has focused on a wide […]

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Peace Academic Center: A re-envisioned partnership

10.1. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

I snapped back into reality quickly as the motorcyclist sped by me. After eight and a half hours of driving round-trip through mostly secluded mesas, I must confess, my mind wandered a bit as I reentered the dense traffic of Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently I barely missed the biker as I changed lanes. He expressed his […]

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A tribute to Steve Cheramie Risingsun

2.24. 2016 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

Iris de León-Hartshorn is the director of transformative peacemaking for Mennonite Church USA. This post originally ran on Mennonite Church USA’s Menno Snapshots blog. A gentle funny giant who loved the church with all of his heart–that is how I will remember my friend Steve Cheramie Risingsun. Steve died in his sleep Feb. 20, 2016. […]

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Discovering the root of my fear

2.12. 2016 Posted By: Erica Littlewolf

Erica Littlewolf is from the Northern Cheyenne tribe of southeastern Montana and currently lives in Kansas. She works for Mennonite Central Committee Central States with the Indigenous Visioning Circle where she is committed to the work of decolonization, authentic relationship and healing. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and American Indian Studies and […]

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A paper airplane

8.4. 2015 Posted By: wearemenno

Jonathan Beachy of San Antonio, Texas, has spent a lifetime caring for and being enriched by persons society often rejects. Those persons have included special needs students in Texas, and prison inmates and indigenous persons in South America. As a volunteer with Interfaith Welcome Coalition he has seen the face of Jesus over and over […]

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