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People of peace positioning for war

5.11. 2015 Posted By: Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg

I am dreading convention. That seems weird to write here. I love Mennonite Church USA conventions. I am a convention nerd. I love the great “reunion” of friends and like-hearted individuals from every corner of our denomination. I love the energy and excitement. I love the worship and the speakers, not to mention the swag. […]

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Learning to love Evana in anger, grief and hope

4.27. 2015 Posted By: Tim Nafziger

On April 13, the Evana Network officially announced its new name and its first staff person, John Troyer, here in The Mennonite. For those who haven’t been following things, the Evana Network may simply be a network of churches inside and outside Mennonite Church USA that is not a denomination, according to Mennonite World Review, […]

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What is wisdom?

4.6. 2015 Posted By: Rafael Barahona

Access to the Internet and electronic communication has left encyclopedias and printed books behind. There is a deluge of information being transmitted via internet to which we can have instant access. There is so much information in cyberspace—both good and bad—so easy to get to that we don’t need to know it firsthand. All we […]

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LGBTQ: The middle’s turn to speak

3.17. 2015 Posted By: Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg

In the last couple of weeks I have been noticing a new pattern—the middle is finally beginning to speak. Last weekend was Ohio Conference’s Annual Conference Assembly in Holmes County, Co. I was one of six Ohio Conference pastors invited to preach and this is what I said: I have to tell you the truth. […]

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Where are the leaders?

2.27. 2015 Posted By: Rafael Barahona

In trying to understand the first Christian communities mentioned in the New Testament, we see that God placed leaders in the Church—people called to guide and direct believers, based on obedience to instructions which Jesus left for these communities. Likewise, my attention is powerfully gripped by how vulnerable human beings are against the attacks of […]

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The hole in Lancaster Conference’s case against Chester Wenger

11.9. 2014 Posted By: Tim Nafziger

Lancaster Conference’s rationale for decredentialing one of their longest serving pastors is on shaky ground. Longtime Mennonite leader Chester Wenger published an Open Letter to my Beloved Church Nov. 6, calling for inclusion of LGBTQ people in our church. Wenger writes that, after 65 years as a pastor, Lancaster Conference has de-credentialed him for officiating his […]

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Anabaptist Ghosts, part 2: Dialogue and Conciliation

5.23. 2011 Posted By: Tim Nafziger

I’ve been reading the thread of comments in response to Anabaptist Ghosts, Part 1: Social Advocacy and Confrontation. I’m writing a blog post in response because I think the concerns shared in the comments by Aaron Kauffman and Harold Miller are shared by others as well and need to be addressed. As I understand them, […]

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