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Q&A: Antiracism and the church with Ibram X. Kendi

9.30. 2019 Posted By: Sheldon C. Good

Photo: Ibram X. Kendi. Photo by Jeff Watts. Sheldon C. Good, executive director of The Mennonite, Inc., interviewed Ibram X. Kendi about antiracism and the church by email Sept. 3. The interview, edited for clarity, appears below. The editorial in the October issue of The Mennonite, available here, includes part of the interview. Kendi is […]

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Where is home?

8.5. 2019 Posted By: Regina Shands Stoltzfus

I love the Book of Genesis. Brilliant in its structure, it unfolds the story of the relationship between God and God’s people, and God’s people in relationship with each other and with the created order. It outlines the vision of shalom for all people and invites human cooperation in this vision. The narrative allows for […]

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When they come for you(r whole neighborhood)

9.19. 2018 Posted By: Kevin Ressler

I am frustrated and infuriated. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a community that on Sunday experienced an occupation level I haven’t seen since I was in the West Bank during a study abroad term in college. Before Sunday, I never in my own neighborhood had to hold my camera in the air and state what […]

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Jesus wasn’t White

7.3. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Mission Network

The sin of racism continues to cause dissension and violence in our country. Despite the progress that has been made, we continue to find racism at the center of injustice and inequality in all parts of society, even the church. For people of faith, what if the roots of racism go deeper than we’ve ever acknowledged? […]

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Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

6.22. 2018 Posted By: The Mennonite

Here are five things worth paying attention to this week. These are designed to expose you to a perspective you may not normally come across in your daily lives. 1. Discussions of racism, especially pertaining to blackness, are not limited to Christianity. Muslim communities are also having dialogue, as described in this Al Jazeera article, […]

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The importance of role models

5.4. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

Maribel Ramírez Hinojosa is a clinical psychologist in College Station, Texas. She was born in Nuevo León, México, and in the 1980s immigrated to central California, where she and her family joined a Mennonite church. Her Anabaptist upbringing and her training as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist were instrumental in developing her passion […]

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Nonviolence against White Supremacy after Charlottesville

10.2. 2017 Posted By: Tim Nafziger

This post is co-written by Tim Nafziger and Mark van Steenwyk. Featured photo by Tim Nafziger.  This is the second in a series of pieces we’ve co-written. This article builds on our first together: Oppression is Bad, Now What?  In the last two months, in the wake of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, […]

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