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Interview with the Menno Tea cofounders

8.12. 2015 Posted By: Glen Guyton

Niles Graber Alvarez and Hans Weaver launched their product in a dorm room at Goshen (Ind.) College in 2010. Their aim was simple: To brew delicious tea inspired by a family recipe from Lancaster County, Pa. But as Menno Tea grew, Hans and Niles found that their Mennonite roots gave them more than just a […]

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Put your money where your heart is

7.30. 2015 Posted By: Glen Guyton

One of my favorite books from childhood is The Little Red Hen. It is a simple book with a very powerful stewardship message, but a message that may be lost on some of us. The story is about of course a little red chicken, let’s call her Pollito Roja for expediency. Pollito lived on the […]

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