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Prayers from Young Anabaptists around the world

6.10. 2019 Posted By: Mennonite World Conference

The fourth annual Young Anabaptists (YABs) Fellowship Week, to be held June 16-23, is on the theme “Salt & Light: Exploring our identity then and now,” based on Matthew 5:13–16. Materials on Mennonite World Conference’s website (, provide ideas and content to young adult groups around the world as they plan their time of celebration. […]

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How did I get here?

6.15. 2018 Posted By: Jerrell Williams

Since I’ve decided to work with both Franconia Mennonite Conference and The Mennonite this summer, the question most people ask is: “How did you become Mennonite?” While I get tired of answering this question, I find value in trying to understand my own journey. How did I become Mennonite? What is my life story and […]

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Talking about pornography as people of faith

6.7. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

When I was a student at a Mennonite high school, there was a succession of male students who publicly disclosed their past “struggles” with pornography in chapel talks. They usually said that through scripture, prayer and perhaps accountability with other male peers they overcame the temptation to continue to view pornography. As a young woman, […]

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The importance of role models

5.4. 2018 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

Maribel Ramírez Hinojosa is a clinical psychologist in College Station, Texas. She was born in Nuevo León, México, and in the 1980s immigrated to central California, where she and her family joined a Mennonite church. Her Anabaptist upbringing and her training as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist were instrumental in developing her passion […]

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Vocation and occupation: How to respond to God’s call on your life

11.23. 2016 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA

Del Hershberger lives in Hesston, Kansas, with his wife, Michele. Del works at Mennonite Mission Network as the director of the Christian Service department, but also makes time to ride his motorcycle to places like the Baja and Alaska when he has a chance. This post originally appeared on Mennonite Mission Network’s Beyond Blog.  If […]

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Should I stay or should I go?

3.9. 2016 Posted By: Ben Wideman

Ben Wideman is the Campus Pastor for 3rd Way Collective, a ministry of University Mennonite Church at Penn State. He is also the newest blogger for  When should we stay and work, and when it is time to move on? I find myself asking this question a lot. A few weeks ago an opinion […]

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Mothering and moving on

5.9. 2015 Posted By: wearemenno

Alyssa Rodriguez attends First Mennonite Church in Iowa City, Iowa and works as a Family Support Worker for marginalized populations while also learning the ins-and-outs of motherhood with her beloved daughter, Zulema. This first appeared as a #wearemenno blog on the Mennonite Church USA website.  As I reflect on celebrating my first Mother’s Day as […]

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