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‘Mennonite Quarterly Review’ on sexual abuse will be ebook

11.30. 2014 Written By: MennoMedia 1,959 read

MennoMedia has partnered with The Mennonite Quarterly Review to make the January 2015 issue of MQR available in ebook format.

This particular issue of The Mennonite Quarterly Review is devoted to the theme of sexual abuse—and the related motifs of discipline, healing, and forgiveness—within the Mennonite Church, with a particular focus on the controversy surrounding the actions of its most widely recognized theologian, John Howard Yoder (1927-1997).

Those interested in the issue can order a hard copy directly from The Mennonite Quarterly Review and MennoMedia will sell the ebook through its online store, at, as well as through Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

The ebook will be available in early January, releasing simultaneously with the print edition.

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3 Responses to “‘Mennonite Quarterly Review’ on sexual abuse will be ebook”

  1. […] John Howard Yoder died in 1997. The Mennonite Church USA recently devoted the entire issue of the Mennonite Quarterly Review to the issue of sexual abuse within the Mennonite […]

  2. Karen says:

    3 of our daughters were attending western mennonite at the time of Mr. Yoders “troubles” One of our girls was molested on & off campus by another student. We discovered it when we read her fb.

    My husband & I immediately contacted Mr. Camp . My husband took time off from work THAT MORNING, & we met with Mr. Camp, Zig & the kids. We had the explicit fb communications with us & showed them to the kids. We were advised at that time that “nothing had happened” & later on another encounter with Mr. Zig, re our daughter’s behavior & grades we were told that we “should not be so involved in our daughter’s life & give her room to fail in a “safe environment.” ”

    We contacted the sheriff & they went out. They advised us that both students would need to be prosecuted as they were both minors, & there was nothing that we could do.

    We pulled 2 of our girls out of the school.(our middle girl was able to keep herself safe & remained & graduated)

    We have shared all of these things in detail with Mr. Paul Schultz, & appreciate his leadership as he has tried to move the school forward.

    I still struggle with my heart attitude re: the things that have been overlooked & tolerated there, & the staff that to this day has never admitted wrong doing nor reached out to our family. I know we are not the only ones who have been wounded deeply by such a tolerance of sin!

  3. Frank Lostaunau says:

    Thank you for reporting the individual whom you believe molested your daughter.

    It takes courage to speak out and identify incidents of sexual abuse.

    Again, Thank You for reporting.

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