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Make America ____________ Again: A photo essay

3.6. 2017 Written By: Olivia Copsey 585 Times read

Olivia Copsey is a sophomore at Hesston (Kansas) College. A version of this article appeared in the Hesston College Horizon.

I was extremely confused when I discovered that Donald Trump had become an official candidate for president. But I was not surprised. Donald Trump was able to get people excited about his possible presidency, people who thought that they had been forgotten in the eyes of the government.

Donald Trump’s message and vision to “Make America Great Again” confused me even further. Being ‘great’ is an empty challenge, and many Hesston College faculty and students agreed. 

Renee Buckwalter
Sophomore from Wellman Iowa
Make America Compassionate Again

“In recent years I have noticed a lot of violence and anger from people in the United States. There have been numerous shootings, violent protests and hateful messages posted on social media. If people in the United States would use empathy to foster compassion our nation and world would be a much better place.”5

Elizabeth Eichelberger
Freshman from Shickley Nebraska
Make America Accepting Again!

“What our country, and also our world, really needs right now, is to be accepting of others. I do not believe that we should keep immigrants out of the United States. After all, Jesus, God’s own son, was an immigrant.” 

Michele Hershberger
Bible & Ministry Faculty
Make America Safe for Native Americans Again

“I believe one of the greatest tragedies of our collective American story is our treatment of Native Americans over the last 400 plus years. We’ve stolen their land, made unfair treaties with them, broken the same treaties, and poked fun at their culture through a variety of sports mascots. I want America to be safe and free for all peoples, but especially the First Peoples who have been here a long, long time.”

Abraham Mateo
Sophomore from Florida
Make America United again!

“America has always struggled with hot issues such as racism, sexism, religion/beliefs, inequality, national debt, etc. These factors have contributed to division within ourselves rather than [making us] a nation of unity. Hate has become our neighbor and violence has become our friend; where is the love?”

Carlota Ponds
Director of International Student Services
Make America Iconoclastic Again!

“Not as a destroyer of religious icons, but I’m thinking of Merriam Webster’s second definition, ‘a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions.’ We challenged the aristocracy of European royalty, slavery, and the gender bias that prevented women from voting. We enacted child labor laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act. But we’ve become fearful of everything: immigration, livable wages, self-determination for nations that don’t share our values, and loving those who love differently than ourselves. Our fear paralyzes us. We must reclaim our true voice and stand once again against the settled beliefs and institutions that keep us down.”

John Sharp
History, Bible, and Ministry Faculty
Make America Generous Again

“I think this country is at its best in the times we have been generous to immigrants of all kinds. Once it was the Irish Catholics who were not welcome, the Chinese, and now others. We’re under the impression that we give more foreign aid than any other country. But 19 other countries give more than we do. We can do better.”

Kevin Wilder
Bible, Ministry, and Psychology Faculty
Make America Civil Again

“I have really been scratching my head on this one. I love America and think my country has done some good things, but I can’t think of anything from the past that was better for everyone or that I would like to return to.”

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3 Responses to “Make America ____________ Again: A photo essay”

  1. Joel Miller says:

    I love this photo project idea in general. However, the word I’m most troubled with in Trump’s slogan to “Make America Great Again” is not “Great” but “Again.” The word “Again” implies a past more pure and moral than the present, which is simply a fiction. We have never been, for all our people, any of those things to which we aspire. I suggest dropping “Again” from the slogans and simply “Make America _____ civil, generous, safe, etc.

    • Bob Gerber says:

      The “birth” of our nation, like the birth of a baby, could be a little messy, but in general both births are beautiful. For me, AGAIN is entirely appropriate. That’s why so many work so hard to immigrate.

  2. Bob Gerber says:

    We as a nation have nearly always been all the above. We invite all to travel and see our country and visit our people and communities. However, there are prescribed guidelines for their and our safety. The writer is correct–“WE CAN DO (even) BETTER.”

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