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Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

5.4. 2018 Posted By: The Mennonite

Here are five things worth paying attention to this week. These are designed to expose you to a perspective you may not normally come across in your daily lives.

This week I’m thinking about Mother’s Day, which is coming soon, May 13. I know the day holds very different meanings for those with positive and negative relationships with their own mothers, those who long to be mothers and those who are mothers. Here are a few things for new mothers, or those who love new mothers, to bring a little joy for the journey.

1. Read a meditation. Herald Press/MennoMedia updated and republished their “Meditations” series in 2015, including Meditations for Single MomsMeditations for the new Mother and Meditations for New Parents.

2. Recognize mothering as a holy calling through the words of Rachel Gerber in Ordinary Miracles.

3. Moms, no matter how your baby’s life began, you’re stronger than you think, says Ashlee Gadd in this article.

4. Read a picture book celebrating the bond between children and their mothers like It’s Going to Be Perfect! by Nancy Carlson or Before You Were Born by Nancy White Carlstrom.

5. Pray for moms. Parenting is hard work. Offer the gift of prayer for the moms in your congregation or neighborhood, then send them a note or otherwise let them know. You can be a partner in this holy work.

Jennie Wintermote is a native Kansan, an interim pastor, a graduate student and director of the Western District Conference Resource Library. She loves reading, scrapbooking and trying to figure out what it means to live out her faith every day. She also tries to remember to blog at

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