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9 Congregational snapshots: Mountain View Mennonite Church (Kalispell, Montana)
10 Beauty that saves the world: Three places to encounter beauty-by Sara Wenger Shenk
14 Vernal pools of Appalachia: Aesthetic wonders in nature-by Steven David Johnson
17 Beauty in the potentials: Reflections of a multipotential-ite-by Olivia Copsey
20 Unexpected courage: Artists’ thoughts on beauty-by Brooke and Justin Rothshank
23 When rainbows fail: Embracing mystery through my mother’s passing-by Cynthia Yoder
26 Beauty in a picture album: Paintings from national parks-by Jayne Holsinger
28 Congolese Mennonites prepare to face COVID-19-by Mennonite Mission Network
30 Mediaculture: Deaths of despair link economy to health care
32 A response to ‘The New Orthodoxy of Inclusion’-by Michael Danner
33 Finding beauty in change-by Jerrell Williams
34 Together we sing-by Katherine Jameson Pitts
35 We become what we behold-by Anthonia Oye
39 A shared vulnerability-by John D. Roth
40 A collective experience of transition-by Sheldon C. Good