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November: Myrna Krehbiel: Growing peace

Written By: Laurie Oswald Robinson  
Myrna Krehbiel has left a legacy of peacemaking, from inner peace to fighting poverty.

Peace Connections in 2001 wanted to collaborate with the community in developing a Giving Garden to provide produce for Salvation Army. So the City of Newton, Kan., loaned the use of a plot at Sixth and Pine streets near Newton’s railroad tracks. The fact that it had been a burial ground for throwaways and trash didn’t keep Myrna Krehbiel, who retired as director of Peace Connections in June, from remaining hopeful. She believed the transformation of anything—whether it be turning hard ground into green vegetables or pain into peace—was possible if people talked to and listened to each other … (to read the rest of the article, you must make a suggested fee).

November 2014 Table of Contents

12 Growing peace —Laurie Oswald Robinson

17 Missionaries: Who needs ’em? —Robert Brenneman

21 Learning to love our bodies —Suella Gerber

24 Shalom for the children of Ethiopia —Krista Allen

27 Exploring the frontiers of faith —Kara Lofton

32 David Boshart nominee for moderator-elect

33 Constituency Leaders Council offers ideas for future—Annette Brill Bergstresser

34 Columbus Mennonite Church installs pastor who is gay—Anna Groff

35 Leaders to explore a new structure for MC USA —Anna Groff

36 Community boosts health—Kelsey Hochstetler

37 Urban Anabaptist leaders gather in Philadelphia —Rachel Sommer

38 Black Mennonite women rock—Ruth Lapp Guengerich

39 Land and Christian discipleship—Mary E. Klassen

41 Preparing for Mennonite World Conference  Assembly—Phyllis Pellman Good

44 The future of The Mennonite—John Longhurst

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