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9   Congregational Snapshots: North Goshen Mennonite Church
10 Complex identities: How we act changes as our context changes-Andrea de Avila
14 Forced termination: A guide to healing for pastors and congregations-by Joe Roos and Cheri Herrboldt
18 These times are a changin’-by Erica Lea
22 On the Oregon trail-by Bob Hoffman
25  The ‘M word’: My personal awakening to God’s call-by Paula Killough
28 100 years in the Argentine Chaco-by Danielle Klotz
29 MC Canada votes for dramatic new structure-By Josiah Neufeld, for The Mennonite
30 Mediaculture: Books for your Christmas list-By Gordon Houser
32 The fate of Archbishop Romero-by Emily Wade Will
33 Things fall apart-by Matthew Shedden
34 From Anabaptist leaders: Lessons in transition-By Barry Bartel
35 Preaching Good News in a difficult time-By Ron Adams
39 Global Anabaptism: Transnational experimentation-By John Roth
40-Editorial: The consistency of transitions-by Hannah Heinzekehr