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10 Paradox, mystery and messiness: Power is about relationships-by Lee Snyder
13 By the powers vested in me: Power and authority are different-by Glen Guyton
16 Power and wisdom: Positive uses of power in government-by David Myers
20 ‘What we have touched with our hands’: Building a mission center in Peru-by Patricia Lehman
23 The privilege of white pacifism: Reading Jeremiah in Chicago-by Amy Aschliman
26 Subversive power-by Chantelle Todman Moore
28 My heart on my sleeve: Sharing the gospel through tattoos-by Joshua S. Garber
29 Lockers for the homeless: Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship gains right to use the lockers-by Gordon Houser
30 Do the media ‘get’ religion?-by Gordon Houser
32 Trees teach compassionate justice-by Mark and Mary Hurst
33 Changed for good by love-by Regina Wenger
34 Making peace with power-by Iris de León-Hartshorn
35 Christian hope and courage-by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
39 Baptism talks with Catholics and Lutherans-by John D. Roth
40 We have the power to be antiracist-by Sheldon C. Good