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October: Sang-Min Lee: Following Jesus into prison

Written By: Elizabeth Miller  
Sang-Min Lee, a South Korean Mennonite, is in prison because of his belief against serving in the military.

In October 2013, Sang-Min Lee, a young South Korean Mennonite,called the police to announce that he was a conscientious objector and would not fulfill his mandatory military service. Following his trial six months later, Lee was taken from the courtroom directly to prison and subsequently became the first Mennonite conscientious objector in South Korea.

October 2014 Table of Contents

12 Following Jesus into prison —Elizabeth Miller
16 Out-Spokin’: A special section from Mennonite Church USA Archives
22 Seeing our blindness —John C. Murray
25 Get up! —Matthew Morin
29 Splendid view from an African homestead —Jonathan Larson
32 A Christ-centered response to terrorism —Linda Moffett
33 Confessing the peace of Jesus in a terroristic world—Jonathan Bornman, Sheryl Martin, Andres Prins, Grace and David Shenk
34 Christopher Dock choir connects with French churches—Brenna Steury Graber
35 Practical tools for healing in Paraguay and Argentina—Mennonite Women USA
36 Indigenous rights and the Doctrine of Discovery —Sheri Hostetler
40 Hope for the Future IV to examine decision-making—Sara Alvarez
41 First ordained Mennonite woman pastor dies at 87—Gordon Houser
44 Tanzania Mennonite Church marks 80 years —Valerie Weaver-Zercher