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9 Congregational Snapshots: Faith Mennonite Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
10 The pilgrimage story: From far away to near at hand-by Nancy R. Heisey
13 My call to be a pastor: A journey from hating church to serving the church-by Jerrell Williams
16 A ride into the wind: Prayer, gratitude and biking for black solidarity-by Tobin Miller Shearer
19 Pilgrimage to a thin place: The call to go deeper into the heart of God-by Jane Thorley Roeschley
23 A journey from Kutela to America: Lessons from three consecutive cancelled flights-by Pratik Bagh
25 Meeting Jesus along the way: Jesus keeps showing up, even when we don’t recognize him-by Brad Roth
28 Walking the trail of death-by Cynthia Friesen Coyle for Mennonite Mission Network
29 Threshold choir brings comfort and peace-by Gordon Houser
30 Mediaculture: An assault on truth-by Gordon Houser
32 Lessons at the Philadelphia Detention Center-by Amanda Bouwman
33 Contentment or complacency?-by Joshua Stoltzfus
34 Are we still pilgrims?-by Sandra Montes-Martinez
35 Get up on the balcony-by Shannon Dycus
39 In praise of institutions-by John D. Roth
40 Our journey toward love and grace-by Gordon Houser