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September: Walking with God and each other


September 2015 Table of Contents
Walking with God and each other—Paul Schrag
16 A diary of worship
26 Ecumenical relations mark MWC meetings—Gordon Houser
27 Historians address Nazi influence on Mennonites—Tim Huber
28 Anabaptist women share stories of ordination and peacebuilding—Kelli Yoder
29 Women gather to explore global network—Virginia A. Hostetler
31 How to celebrate 500 years—Gordon Houser
32 Peace workers imagine a global network—Tim Huber
33 Global Church Village invites leaving one’s mark—Connie Faber
34 MWC 16 photos
36 Heinzekehr named director of The Mennonite, Inc.—The Mennonite staff
37 ‘You are part of us’—Mennonite Church USA
38 Doing Anabaptist theology in Nigeria—Steve Wiebe-Johnson
40 MWC General Council moves towardinterdependence—Ron Rempel
44 The Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage—Martin Shupack