The Mennonite, Inc. for MC USA Delegates

The Mennonite, Inc. is a multimedia publication connected to Mennonite Church USA. Our mission is to help readers glorify God, grow in faith and become agents of healing and hope in our world. We are a self-supporting organization governed by a board of 7-8 directors.

The Mennonite Church USA bylaws identify three purposes for our organization:

1. To provide a forum for Anabaptist and Mennonite voices.
2. To promote the ministries of Mennonite Church USA.
3. To offer an editorial voice distinct from but collaborative with other leadership voices.

Ways to connect with The Mennonite, Inc.:
  • The Mennonite magazine: The Mennonite magazine is published–both in print and online–monthly. It is a full-color, 40-page magazine that includes original feature-length articles, news, columns, Bible study and editorial pieces exploring what it means to be an Anabaptist Christ-follower today. We offer discounted rates to groups of 3 or more subscribers. Subscribe today. 
  • TMail: TMail is a weekly e-newsletter sent out every Monday. It is a roundup of news, blogs, playlists, videos and more from across the church. This resource is provided free of charge and is sent to over 3,800 subscribers. Sign up today. 
  • Meno Acontecer: This Spanish-language e-newsletter is edited by Marco Guete and includes original Spanish-language news, Bible study and resources. It is sent out monthly via e-mail to over 750 subscribers. A printable PDF file is also available on our website. Sign up today. 
  • Podcasts: In 2016, in partnership with the Peace and Justice Support Network, we launched our first audio podcast, PeaceLabThis podcast is published bi-weekly on Mondays and features interviews with Anabaptists leaders engaging in creative peacemaking today. We are also partnering with Professor Malinda Berry of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana, to launch a new podcast on nonviolent communication in June.
  • and Social media: Each day, we publish 3-5 news stories, blogs and features on our website. In 2017, we’re expecting that our website will be visited over 1 million times. This is the missional arm of our publication and serves both members of Mennonite Church USA, as well as other Anabaptists or those who seek to learn more about the Anabaptist-Mennonite faith. To keep up with The Mennonite, Inc. and join the conversation, you can comment on stories online and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Learn more about The Mennonite, Inc. in this short video:

Board members:
  • Sarah Burkhalter, Seattle
  • Steve Edwards, Goshen, Indiana
  • Barth Hague, Newton, Kansas
  • Hans Houshower, Bluffton, Ohio
  • Jason Moyer, Canton, Ohio
  • Duane Stoltzfus, Goshen, Indiana
  • Sheri Wenger, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Editorial council members:
  • Judy Augsburger, Claremont, California
  • Joyce Hiendarto, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Gilberto Perez, Goshen, Indiana
  • Clarence Rempel, Newton, Kansas
  • Shirley Showalter, Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Hannah Heinzekehr, Executive Director, Goshen, Indiana
  • Rebecca Helmuth, Advertising and Subscription Manager, Goshen, Indiana
  • Gordon Houser, Editor of The Mennonite, Newton, Kansas
  • Hannah Gerig Meyer, Designer, Goshen, Indiana
  • Shé Langley, Digital Media Consultant, Hampton, Virginia
  • Celina Romero, Bookkeeper, Goshen, Indiana