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Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

4.21. 2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 84 Times read

David and Leann Augsburger are two semi-retired people who co-lead a home base church (Peace Mennonite Church, Claremont, California) and volunteer to welcome, care, and connect people in the San Gabriel valley.  1. “Prayer isn’t something we do; it is something God does.” We are talking about this line from the two articles in The Christian […]

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What Holy Week teaches us-again

4.18. 2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 75 Times read

Rachel S. Gerber is denominational minister of Christian Formation for Mennonite Church USA. This post originally appeared on the Menno Snapshots blog of Mennonite Church USA.  As a pastor, the story of Holy Week always poses a variety of challenges, like a parent dressing up leftovers to feed the family dinner, again. Turkey meatballs! Turkey […]

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Agonizing in the unknown

4.15. 2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 340 Times read

Driving an hour north to a cancer hospital to conclude if I had cancer or not was agonizing. From the moment I had discovered a mass on the back of one of my legs, I had been troubled. A month had gone by with different types of blood work, x-rays, an MRI and finally, here […]

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The Faith of Good Friday

4.14. 2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 297 Times read

Read Psalm 22. As we march onward toward the death of Jesus, I am struck by Peter’s arrogance in his response to Jesus’ prediction that Peter will abandon him. He said, “Even though I must die with you, I will not deny you” (Mt 26:35). He makes a bold proclamation of faith with what seems […]

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Rediscovering why we choose to be Anabaptist

4.13. 2017 Posted By: Mennonite Church USA 66 Times read

The Future Church Summit (FCS) will take place July 6-8, at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. It will be a generative, open space for denomination-wide conversation — to dream together, reset priorities and engage one another in answering the question: How will we follow Jesus as Anabaptists in the 21st century?  Chantelle Todman […]

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A note to pastors regarding sexual abuse

4.12. 2017 Posted By: The Mennonite 973 Times read

To pastors,  Abuse is a crime and a sin. Teaching healthy sexuality is an ongoing challenge for Mennonites. I was asked to co-teach a class for youth and realized how easy it would have been to avoid the lessons on this topic. To their credit, our youth were light-years ahead of us pastors and embraced […]

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Social activism: Should we act in civil disobedience?

4.12. 2017 Posted By: Glen Guyton 88 Times read

Glen Guyton is chief operating officer for Mennonite Church USA. This post originally appeared on the Youth Specialties blog.  Yes! I believe that as Christians we should engage our world. We are called to engage, but that can mean different things to different people. Jesus clearly pushed the limits when dealing with the institutional church […]

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