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Snail mornings and Rain Prayer: Two poems about place

2.23. 2017 Written By: Glen Kappy 1 read

Glen Kappy is a founding member of Albuquerque Mennonite Church where, over more than 20 years, he has served as elder, preacher, interim pastor, and spiritual formation director. Since the fall of 2000, he has been a second-career teacher of English, Social Studies, and Performing Arts, mostly in the Albuquerque Public School system. These poems were submitted […]

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Mennonite World Conference in Augsburg: Transformed by the Word—Reading Scripture in Anabaptist Perspectives

2.23. 2017 Written By: Berit Jany 1 read

Photo: Young AnaBaptists (YAB) Committee members and audience. Photo by Harry Unger.  On February 12, 2017, regional Anabaptists and leaders from around the world gathered in Augsburg, Germany, for “Transformed by the Word: Reading Scripture in Anabaptist Perspectives,” the first in a 10-year series of events organized by Mennonite World Conference (MWC) to commemorate the 500th […]

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Hard lessons during busy times: Reaching the lost outweighed money issues

2.23. 2017 Written By: Alma Perez Ovalle 1 read

Photo: Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez. Everence photo. This story originally appeared in Everence’s Everyday Stewardship magazine.  Back in the 1970s, money was tight for my parents, Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez. Pastoring a small Spanish Mennonite church in south Texas came with great rewards, but also great sacrifices. As a young married couple in their 20s just starting […]

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Not always black and white: Racism encompasses the entirety of our colorful and complicated world

2.22. 2017 Written By: Lynn Hur 282 Times read

Lynn Hur is a ninth grader living in Pasadena, California. She attends Mountain View Mennonite Church, Upland, California. When she is not writing, you will find her in the kitchen reading her favorite cookbooks and perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe. This piece originally appeared in the February issue of The Mennonite magazine on Mennonites, race and faith. […]

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Leading into the common good: Why community matters

2.16. 2017 Written By: Melia Watkins 115 Times read

Melia Watkins was a student at Goshen (Indiana) College when she gave this speech at the 2016 conference, Leading into the common good: An Anabaptist Perspective. She graduated in 2016. We will be publishing additional speeches from college students reflecting on Anabaptist identity and leadership later this month. A few days ago, I went on my Facebook […]

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Reflecting on a namesake

2.16. 2017 Written By: Joshua Kinder 453 Times read

I moved to Elkhart, Indiana, a little over six years ago to study at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. When I graduated, I decided to stay here because of the vibrant community I had found. I live now as a member of a housing cooperative known as Prairie Wolf (after our two streets, Prairie Street and […]

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Healed to be a healer

2.15. 2017 Written By: Jordan Waidelich, The Mennonite 546 Times read

Photo: Stahl Mennonite Church member, Rachel Allen, holds a sign stating, You are Loved. Photo provided.  Since she started attending Stahl Mennonite Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, about a year ago, Rachel Allen has found a place where she feels welcomed and accepted, a feeling she aims to provide for the people she works with. Allen […]

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