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The priesthood of all believers at Chapel Hill Mennonite

8.4. 2017 Written By: Thomas Lehman 249 Times read

Photo: Meghan Florian, one of the preachers at Chapel Hill (North Carolina) Mennonite Fellowship, stands before the congregation. A graduate of Duke Divinity School, she is the author of a 2017 book, The Middle of Things. Photo provided.  Chapel Hill (North Carolina) Mennonite Fellowship (CHMF) first met for worship late in 2001. It existed for its […]

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Open Table Mennonite Fellowship: Sharing word and table

8.3. 2017 Written By: Mary Klassen, Central District Conference 549 Times read

Open Table Mennonite Fellowship in Goshen, Indiana, joined Central District Conference at their June meetings.  Photo: Open Table Mennonite Fellowship attendees worship and share a meal in the large living room of Faith House in Goshen, Indiana. Photo provided.  While Open Table is fairly new, having begun in 2012 in something like its current shape, it […]

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Global Anabaptist testimony: Choosing to follow the way of Jesus

7.27. 2017 Written By: KyongJung Kim, Mennonite World Conference release 67 Times read

Renewal 2027 is a 10-year series of events to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Anabaptist movement. This series highlights leaders in the movement from history to the present. In this installment, KyongJung Kim, MWC regional representative for Northeast Asia, reflects on his visit with Eun Hunki (Takai Satoshi in Japanese), a Korean Mennonite […]

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Being a peace church

7.27. 2017 Written By: Chantelle Todman Moore 293 Times read

Chantelle Todman Moore is a member of Oxford Circle Mennonite Church in Philadelphia. This article originally ran in the July issue of The Mennonite magazine. You can read more feature articles on “Untamable Shalom” in that issue.  “A Peace church recognizes the imago dei in all humanity. It not only prays; it takes action. Peace church […]

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Reflections on 75 years of ministry at Wooster Mennonite

7.21. 2017 Written By: Jacob Dodson 225 Times read

Jacob Dodson is Pastor of Wooster (Ohio) Mennonite Church.  The congregation of Wooster (Ohio) Mennonite Church is preparing to celebrate our 75th anniversary Sept. 9-10. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on our identity and calling as a community of believers, as well as God’s faithfulness throughout our history. The story of […]

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An Anabaptist convention playlist: For Orlando and beyond

6.28. 2017 Written By: Isaac Villegas 1,308 read

Isaac Villegas is Pastor of Chapel Hill (North Carolina) Mennonite Fellowship.  In episode 2 of the Let’s Talk About Church podcast, Isaac Villegas mentioned that he was creating a playlist for the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. He’s shared that podcast with us here. Happy listening!  The playlist starts with songs for this week as you […]

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Fraktur as spiritual practice

6.26. 2017 Written By: Emily Kauffman 434 Times read

Photo: Sophie Lapp Jost presents on the ancient art form of fraktur, a German style of illustrated block letter type, at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana. Photo by Rex Hooley.  A 25-year-old man with sandy hair bid $50 for a piece of fraktur, a German style of block letter type, made by Sophie Lapp Jost. […]

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