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Opinions posts

Why I march, why we march

1.17. 2017 Written By: Hanna Heishman 706 Times read

Hanna Heishman is an alumna of Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she studied Peacebuilding and Development. Currently, she is serving and working in Government Relations and Advocacy for Habitat for Humanity International through Mennonite Voluntary Service.  The night of the election, I attended a party. It was a loud, extravagant gala and I was […]

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Make America great—again?

1.16. 2017 Written By: Cyneatha Millsaps 365 Times read

Cyneatha Millsaps is pastor of Community Mennonite Church in Markham, Ill. This piece ran in the January issue of The Mennonite magazine. Subscribe today for more full-length features and columns each month.  I am sure for many of you, this last political election season in the United States took a toll on your hearts and minds. It […]

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Arguing our way toward a storm-worthy moral canopy

1.11. 2017 Written By: Sara Wenger Shenk 227 Times read

Sara Wenger Shenk is President of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana.  On a mostly sunny afternoon soon after moving to Indiana, with only possible thunderstorms predicted, my husband, Gerald, and I were biking through flat farm fields when a tornado siren blast reached us eight miles out of town. With no shelter nearby, we […]

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How can we be silent?

1.9. 2017 Written By: Carlos Romero 2,837 Times read

Carlos Romero is Executive Director of Mennonite Education Agency. This piece originally ran in the January issue of The Mennonite magazine, focused on education.  I can’t remember living in a more polarized time than today. No matter how you view the results of the presidential election, its aftermath has underscored those disagreements. Fear and hatred […]

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Some things to consider in talking politics, especially with family

1.4. 2017 Written By: Jeffrey Newcomer Miller 487 Times read

Jeffrey Newcomer Miller attends Albuquerque (N.M.) Mennonite Church.  I recently attended a family wedding with many extended family members. It was such a delight to re-connect with family that I’ve not seen in years and to introduce them to our new son, eat familiar foods, watch football and have hours and hours of coffee conversation. […]

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Are we driving our children away from God?

1.3. 2017 Written By: Tim Bentch 1,663 read

Tim Bentch is lead pastor at Souderton (Pa.) Mennonite Church.  As I write, this article, I am already feeling guilty about my own deficiencies as a parent: all the ways I could have helped my children excel in sports, music, and academics. I could do more! All the missed opportunities to help my children become […]

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White women vote

1.2. 2017 Written By: Melissa Florer-Bixler 2,026 Times read

Melissa Florer-Bixler is pastor of Raleigh (N.C.) Mennonite Church. On Halloween the sidewalks in my neighborhood were crowded with female voters: Rosie the Riveters and superhero women. Weeks before I’d seen the hashtag #womencanstoptrump pop up across social media. It was followed by a Twitter backlash – #rescindthe19th. As Election Day drew near, I grew […]

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