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Opinions posts

New Zealand’s prime minister, trees teach compassionate justice

8.19. 2019 Written By: Mark Hurst 383 Times read

We’ve moved into Magpie Hollow, a large house on a property of about 90 acres on the western edge of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. We hope to provide retreat space to host workshops on everything from peacemaking to quilting. There are many trees here. Aboriginal Peoples worldwide have always understood trees […]

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In need of a ‘just memory’ of Vietnam

8.12. 2019 Written By: Elisabeth Kvernen 460 Times read

Photo: Phùng Thị Tuyết carries her teenage son, Trần Minh Sơn, to see the cow they received from MCC partner Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange to help with the family’s income and security. Trần Minh Sơn suffers from severe disabilities from birth, a side effect of exposure to Agent Orange. MCC photo/Matthew Sawatzky. […]

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Trail of Death: Facing our past, moving toward peace

8.12. 2019 Written By: Peter Anderson 472 Times read

Photo: Trail of Death 2019 participants pray as they read the 600-plus names of Potawatomi people who died in the first decade following their arrival at the government-allocated land at St. Philippine Duchesne Memorial Park in Linn County, Kansas. Ben Parker Sutter is seated and Mara Weaver Boshart is standing. Photo by: Peter Anderson, […]

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Four ways to show compassion to asylum seekers

8.5. 2019 Written By: Linda Espenshade, Mennonite Central Committee 703 Times read

Photo: The Mexican side of the 20-foot tall pedestrian Mexico-U.S. border wall in Agua Prieta, Sonora, features artistic displays that emphasize love, brotherhood and sisterhood, and the hope of finding a better life. “Amor sin fronteras,” as one artist painted, translates to “Love without borders.” MCC photo/Laura Pauls-Thomas. As the number of asylum seekers at […]

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Justice, mercy, humility

7.29. 2019 Written By: Joy Sutter 431 Times read

This article comes from the August issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on “The Holy Spirit comes: MennoCon19 in stories and photos.” Read more reflections here or subscribe here to receive more original features in your inbox each month. At the end of service on the Dock Mennonite Academy Board of Trustees, each departing trustee receives a fraktur with a […]

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Incarcerated Christ, executed God

7.29. 2019 Written By: Jason Storbakken 621 Times read

Some of my first memories consist of visiting a loved one in jail. From a young age, I was troubled by the authorities, and by age 13 a social worker was assigned to me. By 15, I served a very brief stint in a maximum security juvenile facility. And for the next decade, I was […]

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From table to termites: A conversation with Mennonite peacebuilder John Paul Lederach

6.10. 2019 Written By: Sarah Nahar and Jonathan Nahar 1,355 read

Photo: John Paul Lederach receives the Niwano Peace Prize. Photo (c) Niwano Peace Foundation. Mennonite peacebuilder John Paul Lederach received the Niwano Peace Prize on May 8 in Tokyo, Japan. The Niwano Peace Foundation gives out the award annually to those who devote themselves to interreligious cooperation in the cause of peace. Niwano’s selection committee […]

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