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Opinions posts

What I learned at the Philadelphia Detention Center

6.28. 2018 Written By: Amanda Bouwman 733 Times read

I recently participated in a tour of the Philadelphia Detention Center. After doing a lot of reading about the injustice of mass incarceration in our country, including The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, I feel like my eyes have been opened to a new reality that I had previously ignored or had not chosen to see […]

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The cost of not remembering 1525

6.18. 2018 Written By: Paul Hershberger 796 Times read

Two articles previewing an observance of a 500th anniversary of Anabaptism stressed the importance of “right remembering.” Another way to describe it might be “not remembering.” In 30-plus pages, in the January 2017 issues of The Mennonite and Mennonite Quarterly Review, there is no mention of three founders present at Anabaptism’s start, nor a brief […]

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The Gaza scandal: Are Mennonites listening?

5.21. 2018 Written By: Jonathan Kuttab 1,480 read

On May 14, the day the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem and congratulated itself for advancing the peace process, the U.S.-supported Israeli military massacred more than 60 Palestinians participating in the nonviolent “Great March of Return” campaign. These events in Gaza reveal the scandal of how churches and civil society have been so […]

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Responding to ‘Rethinking Mennonites’ approach to Israel and Palestine’

5.16. 2018 Written By: Christopher Barghout 2,346 Times read

“Respectful criticism is welcomed; comments should focus on others’ ideas, not motives, character or faith.” This is in part what The Mennonite, Inc.’s comments policy says. What if this comments policy were applied to articles like Lisa Schirch’s recent piece “Rethinking Mennonites’ approach to Israel and Palestine”? Let’s look at her article and see how […]

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Rethinking Mennonites’ approach to Israel and Palestine

5.14. 2018 Written By: Lisa Schirch 4,018 Times read

This month, Israel is celebrating the 70th year since its creation, and Palestinians are marking 70 years of the Nakba, the catastrophe of losing their homes and villages. Today, while the United States opened its controversial new embassy in Jerusalem, tens of thousands of Palestinians protested the Nakba along the border fence separating Gaza and Israel. […]

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‘Let’s talk about sex’ has taken on new meaning

4.30. 2018 Written By: Indigo Rey Miller 2,494 Times read

“Let’s talk about sex,” doesn’t mean what it used to. At one time these provocative song lyrics spoke specifically to the act of sex and would never have been spoken openly in many of our church communities. Mennonites, and the majority of Christians, have a long history of shutting down conversations about the body, but […]

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Connection through storytelling

4.6. 2018 Written By: Sheldon C. Good 282 Times read

This article comes from the April issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on spiritual resilience. Read more reflections online or subscribe to receive more original features in your inbox each month. As I discerned the call to become executive director of The Mennonite, Inc., I came across a paper I wrote for my senior seminar course at Goshen (Ind.) College. In […]

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