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The Peace Lab podcast is a production of The Mennonite, Inc., and the Peace and Justice Support Network

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The Peace Lab is looking for a host. New episodes coming soon.


Latest episode:

    • Episode 35: AMBS students Rianna Isaak and Benjamin Isaak-Krauss drop by the Peace Lab to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign, how it’s impacting states across the nation and why they got involved.

Previous episodes:

    • Episode 34: Lisa Schirch drops by the Peace Lab to talk about the ethics of peacebuilding that guide her work and how they are applied to Israel/Palestine, the military and other centers of conflict.

    • Episode 33: Joy Yoon, a friend and partner of ReconciliAsian, has served in North Korea on and off for more than a decade. She comes to the Peace Lab to talk about life on the ground in North Korea and how prayer is bringing peace within reach.

    • Episode 32: Melissa and Jason talk about the stress that tax day brings for Mennonites and chat with John Stoner about what exactly does belong to Caesar

    • Episode 31: Joanna Shenk discusses her new book, The Movement Makes Us Human, the legacy of Dr. Vincent Harding and her thoughts on the future of peacemaking
    • Episode 30: Janna Hunter-Bowman, assistant professor of peace studies and Christian social ethics, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana
    • Episode 29: Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz on restorative justice, sexual abuse and why sometimes it’s best to go separate ways

    • Episode 28: Rev. Leonard Dow Part 2

    • Episode 27: Rev. Leonard Dow Part 1

    • 2017 Peace Lab Year in Review

    • Episode 26: Bystander intervention training

    • Episode 25: Melody Pannell on diversity and inclusion in Mennonite Church

    • Episode 24: Horace McMillon on gun violence in the United States

    • Episode 23: Columbus Mennonite Church and the Journey of Sanctuary

    • Episode 22: Titus Peachey and the Legacies of War

    • Episode 21: Luke Miller on Pink Menno and Orlando 2017

    • Episode 20: The Life Lines Collective, amplifying the voices of writers living on Death Row

    • Special Edition: Kevin King of Mennonite Disaster Service

    • Episode 19: Sarah Thompson on Charlottesville, CPT and confrontational nonviolence

    • Episode 18: Future Church Summit debrief with Darrin Snyder Belousek

    • Episode 17: Peace and Evangelism with Meghan Good

    • Episode 16: Ted & Co. with Ohio Conference Cast

    • Episode 15: Isaac Villegas

    • Episode 14: Immigration justice with Tammy Alexander and Saulo Padilla

    • Episode 13: What is a peace church? Hosted by Jenny Perez Castro

    • Episode 12: Ted Grimsrud on The Benedict Option

    • Episode 11: News Roundup with Iris de Leon-Hartshorn and Michelle Armster

    • Episode 10: SENT Church Planting Summit with Wil LaVeist

    • Episode 9: Immigration Resource Centers with Julia Schmidt

    • Episode 8: Israel-Palestine with Jonathan Brenneman

    • Episode 7: Anabaptist Witness

    • Episode 6: Donna Minter and STAR training

    • Episode 5: Ben Wideman and campus ministry at Penn State

    • Episode 4: Mark Schloneger and Election Day Communion

    • Episode 3: Drew G.I. Hart

    • Episode 2: Marty Troyer

    • Episode 1: Erica Littlewolf