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9 Congregational Snapshots: Sojourn Mennonite Church, Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado
10 Advent Manifesto: Does my soul still sing?-by John Paul Lederach
16 The Christmas bundle: From war refugee to Mennonite volunteer-by Jennifer Steiner and Sheldon C. Good
20 Good news & great joy: A journey from an evil affliction to joy in Jesus Christ-by Ubaldo Rodriguez
24 Joy in the midst of grief: Three disciplines to cultivate joy-by Rebecca Stoltzfus
28 Joy of the Lord under fire in Ukraine-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 Exodus from oppression-by Victor Pedroza Cruz
30 Mediaculture: Books on Bible, arts, evangelism-by Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 Love in the face of tragedy-by Sabrina Falls
33 Strategies for self-care/love-by Erin Bradley
34 Holy discomfort-by Sue Park-Hur
35 Mary, theologian of hospitality-by Isaac Villegas
39 Schism or renewal?-by John D. Roth
40 The practice of joy for all-by Gordon Houser

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