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9 Congregational Snapshots: Calvary Community Church, Hampton, Virginia
10 God’s Word and God’s Breath: Discernment requires Word and Spirit-by David C. Cramer
13 God in the mirror: Because the Holy Spirit is too good-by Elizabeth Schrag
16 Called to be light: Uniting our identity and our mission-by Carlos Martínez-García
19 The intercultural church and the Holy Spirit-by Hendy Stevan Matahelemual
22 Spiritual restoration: A conspiracy theory-by Tommy Airey
25 Take action: A call to the church-by Hyacinth Stevens
28 Church planters connect with coaches at Sent conference-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 MCC response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique
30 Mediaculture: Poverty need not be necessary-by Gordon Houser
31 www.themennonite.org
32 Human mobility: Everywhere in all directions-by Rebeca González Torres
33 Reflections on leadership practices-by Matthew Shedden
34 Called to lead-by Madalyn Metzger
35 The church is one body with many parts-by Josh Meyer
39 The evil wrought by the doctrine of discovery-by John D. Roth
40 The proclamation of Mary Magdalene-by Sheldon C. Good

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