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9 Congregational Snapshots: Ripple Church, Allentown, Pennsylvania
10 Planting peace churches: 3 principles at the core of church planting-by Mauricio Chenlo
14 Church, be nimble: Staying relevant in a changing neighborhood-by Sarah Ann Bixler
18 Roller coasters and church planting: It’s an act of faith to join the ride-by Chris Scott
22 A missional legacy: Legacy churches can also be missional-by Heidi Regier Kreider
26 Preserved for a purpose: Asylum seekers from Honduras now church planters in Spain-by Francisco Machado Leiva
28 Peace in Palestine and Israel-by Jonathan Brenneman
30 Mediaculture: The perils of distraction-by Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 A place of refuge or oppression-by Safwat Marzouk
33 The power of words-by Erin Bradley
34 Church leaders speak-by Michael Danner
35 The church isn’t free until the captive are-by Isaac Villegas
39 Celebrating the beginning of Anabaptism-by John D. Roth
40 Planting seeds-by She Langley

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