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9 Congregational Snapshots: Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship
10 Twenty years of The Mennonite: Four editors reflect on their time with the magazine, by Loren Peachey, Everett Thomas, Anna Groff and Gordon Houser
20 Gospel work: The need for nonviolent communication-by Malinda E. Berry
18 Vouchers, Anabaptism and the school choice movement-by Suzanne Ehst
24 Attentive conversation: Building community in a digital age-by Duane Stoltzfus
28 2017 in review: The top 10 stories in the Mennonite world-by The Mennonite staff
30 Mediaculture: Why healthcare costs so much-By Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 ‘What about the city?’ revisited-by Melody Pannell
33 The best is yet to come-by Aaron Kauffman
34 From Anabaptist leaders: Lessons in leadership-By Stephen Kriss
35 The Spirit who dwells in our hearts-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig
39 Global Anabaptism: Healing from war in Colombia-By John D. Roth
40-Editorial: The next steps on the journey-by Hannah Heinzekehr

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