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9 Congregational Snapshots: New Creation Fellowship Church, Newton, Kansas
10 Right relationship means giving up power: Structures that enforce inequity must be dismantled-by Sarah Augustine
15 Holding hands with the FARC: A conversation with Colombians who have chosen peace over war-by Robert J. Suderman
18 The hands and feet of Jesus: Sexual abuse survivors need just relationships-by Katherine B. Wiens
20 As is-by Julia Spicher Kasdorf
22 A green desert? Learning from elders-by Tala Bautista
25 Sparking joy by letting go: Connecting to a deeper sense of purpose-by Emily Ralph Servant
28 Photo identity: Church clinic helps community members navigate the jungle of photo ID registration-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 Membership and bylaws: CLC looks at guidelines, possible bylaw changes-by Gordon Houser
30 Mediaculture: The sin of kleptocracy-by Gordon Houser
31 www.themennonite.org
32 Let’s let Jesus speak for himself-by Don Blosser
33 Conversations with the Mole-by Erin Bradley
34 Love and resilience-by Terry Zehr
35 ‘My Lord and my God’-by Isaac Villegas
39 The power of parades-by John D. Roth
40 Editorial: Power matters-by Gordon Houser

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