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February: Mennonites, race and faith

1.30. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite Staff

8 Gospel Coherance-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig 9 One meal per member per year to Mennonite World Conference?-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 The legacy of the Minority Ministries Council-By Hannah Heinzekehr 17 The Cleveland experiment: Mennonites, missiona nd race-By Regina Shands Stoltzfus 21 Mennonite privilege-By Ben Goossen 24 The life and death of a racist-By […]

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January: Mennonites and education

12.22. 2016

8 Make America great-again?-By Cyneatha Millsaps 9 Where have all the youth gone?-By Elisabeth Wilder 10 Miscellany 11 12 At a crossroads: Goshen College’s journey to becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution-by Gilberto Perez 16 A holding space: 3rd Way Collective, begun by University Mennonite Church, reaches Penn State students-by Hannah Heinzekehr 21 Forgive us […]

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December: Waiting for Manuchka

12.1. 2016

8 Our unbearable night-By Isaac Villegas 9 Celebrating the Reformation?-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Waiting for Manuchka: Lessons from adoption-By Joe Miller 16 This will not end well: Christmas reflections from Jubilee Mennonite Church -By Elaine Maust 20A healing journey: Tony Brenneman’s story-By Elwood Yoder 23 A story of church change: Mennonites and change- […]

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November 2016: Fidelity of Place

10.27. 2016

8 A good meal-By Ron Adams 9 “The past is never dead”-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 A tradition of resistance:Erica Littlewolf-By Gordon Houser 15 Place matters: Reflections on living near the border -By Felipe Hinojosa 18 Items the traveler has yet to fully reckon-By Jeff Gundy 20 A Mennonite girl from Harlem- By Melody […]

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October: Engaging Politics

9.23. 2016

8 Leading the way to Jesus-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig 9 Mennonite Church South Korea is born-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Running for Anti-Christ-By J. Denny Weaver 16 Preaching our principles (not our politics) -By David Brubaker 18 Environmental justice: The value gap in America hurts non-whites and the poor-By Lawrence Jennings 21 Beyond political division- By Cheri Baer […]

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September: Food and faith

8.26. 2016

8 Remember Lot’s wife-By Cyneatha Millsaps 9 How should we respond to kidnapping?-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Table talk: The violence of grace and gratitude-By Nekeisha Alayna Alexis 16 A pastoral brewpub -By Marshall V. King 20 Making love edible: Lessons from Fannie Martin Longenecker-By Marian Longenecker Beaman 24 Butchering Beatitude- By Brad Roth 27 Life in the desert-By Matthew […]

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August: We need to help each other

8.5. 2016

8 You are David, I am Jonathan-By Isaac Villegas 9 In memory of Glen Lapp-By John Roth 12 We have to care for each other: Sister Care goes to Africa-By Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Holderread Heggen 16 Get up and go: Reflecting on the call in Luke and Acts-By Andrea Yoder 19 One family’s season: Opting […]

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