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December: Mary’s Example

11.27. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite Staff

9   Congregational Snapshots: Zion Mennonite Church, Archbold, Ohio 10 The wrong choice? An Advent meditation-by Anton Flores 14 Once upon a border: The flight to Egypt reimagined-by Matthew Swora 18 El programa Navideño-by Felipe Hinojosa 22 Waiting to be surprised: The gifts of living in a L’Arche community-by Melissa Florer-Bixler 26  A journey of gratitude: […]

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November: Transition from different angles

11.1. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite Staff

9   Congregational Snapshots: North Goshen Mennonite Church 10 Complex identities: How we act changes as our context changes-Andrea de Avila 14 Forced termination: A guide to healing for pastors and congregations-by Joe Roos and Cheri Herrboldt 18 These times are a changin’-by Erica Lea 22 On the Oregon trail-by Bob Hoffman 25  The ‘M […]

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October: Shaped by Scripture

9.29. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite Inc. Staff

9   Congregational Snapshots: Iglesia Menonita Buenas Nuevas 10 The rowing moments– By Claire DeBerg 14 She did what she could when she could-By Raquel Esteves-Joyce 18 Life for life-By Alvis Pettker 22 God’s silence-By Rebecca Barrett-Fox 26  ‘Disarming hearts, forging peace’-By Joel Shenk 28 Why we change hymn texts-By the Resonate Worship and Song […]

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September: New ways of being church

8.25. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite staff

9   Congregational Snapshots: Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship 10 Together in Philadelphia: Stories from the Kingdom Builders Network – Juan Marreo, Aldo Siahaan 16 Twelve baskets full-By Brad Roth 20 A new kind of grant: Living Water Community Church-By Hannah Heinzekehr 24 A tween church: Milwaukee Mennonite-By Steve Hartman-Keiser 28  Renewing or planting a church: 5 […]

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August: Love inward and outward

7.27. 2017 Written By: The Mennonite staff

9 Convention snapshots 10 Love inward and outward: Adult worship-By Hannah Heinzekehr 16 In tune with the heartbeat of God: Youth worship-By Erika Byler 20 Being Anabaptist in the 21st Century-By Gordon Houser 24 Delegates pass Israel-Palestine resolution-By Gordon Houser 26  Step Up debuts to give youth a voice-By Katie Hurst 26  The Coffee for Peace […]

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July: Untamable Shalom

6.22. 2017

This is our first issue featuring our new redesigned look by designer Hannah Gerig Meyer. 9 Congregational Snapshot: College Hill Mennonite Church, Tampa, Florida 10 The untamable Shalom-By Jason Boone 12 Being a peace church: It is costly, contextualized, creative, courageous and collaborative-By Chantelle Todman Moore 14 Vincent Harding, Rebels and MJ Sharp-by Joanna Shenk […]

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June 2017: Sisterhood in Action

5.29. 2017

8 Two-wheeler theology-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig 9 Anabaptist Mennonites in Cuba-By John Roth 10 Miscellany 11 12 Sisterhood in Florida-by Anita Hooley Yoder 19 A living blessing:Suzette Shreffler-by Gordon Houser 22 Calming a sea of uncertainty-By Laurie Oswald Robinson 26 Shed masks and fly-By Lynda Hollinger-Janzen 30 Tending and befriending for 100 years-Marlene Harder Bogard 31 […]

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